Ja Morant becomes the 8th player to record a triple-double in a NCAA tournament game joining Shaq, Draymond and D-Wade

It's not clear how the money will be split and how much the players will net after legal fees, according to the Wall Street Journal.

  • @etanthomas36 told u....all they gave was the year he opted out of fees 10mil to split 5mil a pieces....kap walked away with not a dime...he had 3 year around 39 million on the lowest end when he opted out his deal🤯🤯🤯 he basically got lawyer fee money smdh

  • @dakotascar he stood for something for the price of 39-60 million on a contract and his future as a football player....maybe to him it was worth in the bank? He made 12 mil in his signing bonus who’s is about 7.5 mil in 2014 so who knows hope he’s happy with his decision becuz that’s all it really effected becuz nothing has changed

First game of the 2019 NCAA tournament in the books. Just 33.6% of brackets had Minnesota upsetting Louisville in the first round

From cross-court buzzer beaters to poster worthy dunks, here are the top 10 plays from CBB this year.

The madness is almost here, but these NBA players never had the chance to play in the NCAA tournament. Who’d win? 🤔

This just shows how ridiculous Harden is Someone said he is the best scorer and the MVP, agree or disagree with that statement? 🤔⬇️ (via: @statline )

Tag them ⬇️ Your third emoji is your reaction to this video! (via: @433 )

Mike Trout has gotten off to a quicker start than the Home Run King.

  • @tylermarti Griffey was the guy I idolized growing up! My favorite player all time!

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