Gulf of St. Lawrence

A fourth endangered North Atlantic right whale has been found entangled in fishing gear in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. . With extremely low population numbers, any entangled right whale is concerning. With eight right whale deaths already this summer,

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  • It starts with the person who takes these pictures to action his alturism and do the best to get the collective consciousness to cut physically this net. It is one way to act instead of just posting animals sufferings. My prayers go out to those who will try anything at all. Amen

Harp Seals in the Gulf of St. Laurence in Quebec, Canada give birth to their pups in February and March on the pack ice. At birth they are yellowish in color but after a couple of days they turn pure white. From here comes the name โ€œwhite coatsโ€. In

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Canadian Seal Industry: Today, Canadian seal industry is on a decline however this doesnโ€™t change the cruelty of this industry. Every year new born baby harp seals (3 weeks to 3 months) are being hunted for their fur and fat. In 2016 sealing generate

After a great day in Les รŽles-de-la-Madeleine last week, we sailed into some rough weather. Our dinner was lit by flashes of lightning as the coastline was lost in a downpour. I went up on deck just in time to catch a spectacular sunset, which illumi