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Caught the tail end of Batman as he glided underwater. Mantas of Mexico were incredibly amazing and photogenic. They stayed with us on the first day and there must have been over 50. But they need our protection, we kill them for their gills even tho

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One of my favorite photos from the trip @luissanchezrango from @rangoextendido petting a lemonshark surrounded by a squad of remoras @jim_abernethy @divemag @diversalertnetwork @respect_the_fin @sharkmagazine @sharkallies @finalliance #nofinfl #savet

  • @blitzfrombk Bahamas. Tiger beach. 🙏

  • @uncle_haynen I KNEW IT WAS IN THE BAHAMAS BRO 🤙🏿 I just got. my first rig this week hope to get some shots like this one 🤙🏿🤙🏿🤙🏿

Photo @filipe_deandrade // This is a curious Tiger Shark coming in to investigate all the electrical signals me and my camera were throwing out. For the most part, Sharks want nothing to do with humans and will actively avoid them. When I dive, I hav

  • It's on my bucket list to go swimming with sharks , there is a certain grace and beauty in these animals . P.s stop killing these animals for their fins , it a cruel and barbaric trade

  • @jacquelineceee let me get you one

We’ve been on land for a few days now and I just now stopped swaying back and forth with my sea legs . . . We had such an amazing time with Jim Abernathy’s Scuba Adventures on the Shear Water Liveaboard. Shout out to Diver Supply Jacksonville for or

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Love and respect these beautiful angels of the deep I will always cherish these #sharkdiving moments with Blake, @respect_the_fin and the whole crew with @jim_abernethy aboard the Shearwater! @blakeawheeler —————————————— #sharkconservation #shark

Video by @jim_abernethy //WHALE SHARKS Trip - This year marks the 12 year anniversary of when we first began our expeditions to the World's Largest Whale Shark Aggregation in Isla Mujeres, Mexico! Sometimes more than 300 Whale Sharks can be found plo

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