Netflix has officially cancelled One Day at a Time. I can't even begin to express how gutted so many of us are about this. Without @odaatnetflix there's one less show with Latinx, immigrant and Cuban-American representation. One less show about 3 generations under one roof, a working-class single mom and life after divorce. One less show with fleshed-out LGBTQ+ characters (including a non-binary character), one less show that tackles consent and has episodes about microaggressions, grief and struggling with getting older. Most of all, we are losing a show with breakthrough story arcs about PTSD, medication shame, depression, generational anxiety, addiction, recovery, relapse and the benefits of support groups. This is a show we need. Pass it along. #saveodaat

  • I absolutely hate Netflix's statement. So patronizing. This show was a gem. It was NEEDED. They screwed up big time

  • @senialopez completely agreed!!!

  • @popanddown Like you want to "continue finding ways to tell these stories" but then cancel a show that had so many levels of representation? How!

  • @senialopez preach! It's honestly insulting to the folks who need this show the most!

  • @popanddown Truly insulting. I've been hate tweeting Netflix all day because if this lol. Waiting for some petition to come out cause I am ready!

  • Oh no! Love this show. Boo, Netflix!

  • So sad, SQ :(

  • Noooo😢 I loved this show.

  • I just started getting into it

  • Furious.