“I didn’t mind explaining photosynthesis to you when you were 12. But you’re adults now, and this is an actual crisis, got it?” - Bill Nye speaking on climate change recently. ————————————————————— It’s time to stop the bullshit. It’s time to stop pretending that everything is okay, because it’s not. Nothing about what is going on right now is okay, and our days on this planet are numbered, and this is not a scare tactic, but a fact. You don’t have to believe in man made climate change. It exists regardless of your opinion. For those of you doing their part in the fight against climate change, thank you. Your work is not going unnoticed. I understand that some people live in places where non-biodegradable materials is the only option, so the responsibility lies on the head of government. Big corporations are also responsible for their usage and consumption of materials, and those are the ones who should be making the most changes. The only way to combat this is to work together. As a group of one. If you disagree, feel free to comment down below. ——————————————————— Check us out (@meteoramedia ) to learn more about our movement! ☄️ ————————————————————— #science #globalwarming #climatechange #climatechangeisreal #climateaction #globalwarmingisreal #stopclimatechange