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“If you can’t get elected without taking money from child murderers, why are you running?” - David Hogg...Ironic much? Ya know, cuz of the whole abortion thing? Lol makes about as much sense as the poster boy of "white privilege", fighting white priv

  • Hoggy is not afraid to speak his mind!

old but still relevant -lexye #guns #guncontrol #gunreform #marchforourlives #enoughisenough #🧡 #gun #parkland #davidhogg #davidmileshogg

  • @riley_mahoney15 the three branch government is capable of failing, tyrannical leaders come from tight systems and automatic rifles are illegal, it’s almost 100% impossible to acquire one without breaking some law the fact that you don’t know that means you’re really not the one who should be complaining about gun laws

  • @riley_mahoney15 the three branch government is capable of failing, tyrannical leaders come from tight systems and automatic rifles are illegal, it’s almost 100% impossible to acquire one without breaking some law the fact that you don’t know that means you’re really not the one who should be complaining about gun laws



I thought I would change my weeping angel banner from my Facebook page today and woke up to another shooting. There is no study that says more guns equal more safety. Believe me, my debate kids wore Google out looking for one because we have to debat

  • Hoggy wants to end gun violence in America too



it’s 2018 and @kait.meow still body shames people who don’t look like her. sad. also don’t forget when she body shamed @davidmileshogg because he had “twig arms” after his friends were literally murdered. i cannot FATHOM how much a cannot stand this

  • Love it.

  • “that deterred it” nothing to do with the other girl’s friend who deescalated the situation, no...

The digrace of our generation @davidmileshogg shows how week the anti-gun logic is. . . . . . #2a #gun #guns #progun #nra #rifle #redneck #pink #womensmarch #davidmileshogg #actor #producer #crisisactor #stage #broadway #film #director #deepstate #mi

  • Remember when David Hogg said he never wants a school shooting again? Remember how excited he was when a school shooting was stopped in titusville Florida by a armed citizen? The only person shot? Just the suspect by the armed victim. Remember that? Neither do I. It's no where to be found on his social media. Wonder why if he never wants a school shooting again no matter what.

  • @ksee89 if it doesn't push the anti-gun agenda you wont hear about it

50 Miles More Mass▪️ 50-mile four day student-led march against gun violence from Worcester, City Hall to the headquarters of Smith & Wesson, Springfield. 1. David Hogg, Parkland Student at time of shooting. 2. Manuel and Patrica Oliver parents of s



Nearly 90 children have been killed or wounded so far in 2018 by “unintentional, accidental” shooting themselves or others. This IS something we can fix. Safe storage and gun safety education can be mandatory without infringing on the 2nd Amendment.

@davidmileshogg wants to take our/your guns because they are evil and serve absolutely no purpose other than killing. Yet this junior Hitler is being protected by 2 armed men. Hypocrisy they name is David Miles Hogg. So we have a crooked FBI agent

  • It's hilarious that he thinks himself that important for armed protection..

  • Hoggy does have a conflict to explain in situations like this

Now there is an east end group. We get things done. Proceeds from the #youngmusiciansuniteforgunsanity goes to this subset of #everytown . Please join us at @guild_hall on Aug 9 starting at 6p in the garden for gun violence education and testimonials

  • @gunownerdan No one is asking you to give up your guns. Try reading their mission statement. Also, they are a 501c3 and aren’t “funded” by anyone. But nice try.

  • So very excited that there was in Houston group thank you so very much I’m in!

Please let your voices be heard! You can register to vote at our August 9th Event @guild_hall and hear the voices of guest speakers (in the garden prior to the show)with music by The 6/8s @neddrums123 then 3 young bands on the main stage of the legen

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  • Love this photo! Come check out some of ours, you may find them helpful!...

The Young People Unite for Gun Sanity has morphed into a 6p start in the garden @guild_hall with guest speakers from Moms Demand Action, New Yorkers against Gun Violence, The Local Police Chief, Students and family members of Gun Violence including P

  • #neveragain #enough #rockthevote #gunreform #momsdemandaction #newyorkersagainstgunviolence #davidmileshogg #emmagonzalez #votethemout #gunsanity #gunsense #hamptons #awareness #easthampton #southampton #montauk #makeadifference

  • Nice shot

Can’t wait to hear the responses to this. Number 2s? I mean Second Amendment cult members?

  • Hey old fudd the second amendment is for freedom not hunting. Dumb sign

  • The second amendment wasn’t written my hunters. It was written by men who had just liberated a nation from a tyrannical government. If you don’t see the irony in the fact that it will be men with guns taking the guns, then you were why the second amendment was written.

Framework in progress Part8 ©️ #lionelacquart : « #youshallnotkill « , 2018 Watercolor and printout on paper 50x50cm . . An iconic picture can be efficient, and what about assembling two of them? Is it more meaningful ? Does it make more sense? Mak

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Haven’t fact checked the number but one a day would be too many in our mind.

  • @politico_veterano no, you get paid to own and manage businesses. Pretty idiotic that you don’t even know your own job. You can spend that money how you want, but you’re not being paid to defend/protect someone

  • Stop lettin but job liberals access to guns and everything will be fine.



We can make a difference! Start by registering to vote and using your power and your voice. Talk to people, make them understand that magnitude of this crisis. Do more than just “like” statements you agree with. Change happens with knowledge, a plan

  • @dippinlifter racist too? Very nice.

  • @youngmusiciansuniteny racist? Where the fuck I say anything about race? Are you assuming I was due to statistics and shit?

Help close the loopholes. Join us @guild_hall in East Hampton, NY on August 9. Guest speakers and music in the garden prior to the show. One ticket gets it all: speakers, contemporary jazz by The 6/8s,raffles, merchandise and more before going inside

  • @dippinlifter yeah. Ok. Whatever you say.

  • @youngmusiciansuniteny of you did you wouldn't post shit making you look like an idiot

Astounding statistics from the #newenglandjournalofmedicine

  • @youngmusiciansuniteny those numbers are fake propaganda that totally ignores the fact that in the overwhelming number of self-defense with a gun not one shot is fired and nobody gets killed.

  • Isn’t it funny that the cause of gun control in America has become so much of a losing issue, that the debate has shifted to the antigun comment sections while our pro-gun pages are left free of leftists? I wonder if that says something about where this debate is going to end up... Also for the one whining about pro-gunners having no facts, check out the CDC’s new report on defensive firearms use in America.

It’s your strongest voice!

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NOT fake news! Let’s take every opportunity to change this number dramatically. It starts with voting but it’s important to keep sharing what you know with your friends and co-workers. You will hear, “That discussion is getting old.” Well so is gett

  • If there were laws in place to stop the sale of guns, then they will extend to importing them too... Good luck importing a gun into Australia, our borders are pretty secure... I’m not saying it doesn’t happen, our black market needs to get its supply from somewhere, but our border force is pretty decent... Same goes with explosives, in America (and I would assume most countries - Australia included...) you must show photo ID to purchase explosives and it’s recorded - hence the reason guns are used more commonly than explosives... We have people here that suffer the same issues that Americans who have become mass shooters yet there’s been no mass shooting/attacks/bombings at any of our schools... Take away the ability to commit a crime and you take away the ease in which it can be committed... You will reduce deaths significantly if you remove the access... In the city I live in the majority (95%) of our schools are surrounded by 2 meter high steel fences, for many reasons 1. Reduces graffiti and damage to schools (which saves the school money), 2. Protects students from being abducted from the school, 3. Reduces truancy as to exit the school during school hours you must attend the front office (same as entering the school...) with a legitimate reason... If America took a look at other countries laws and policies it would be a much better and safer country to live in... On average ONLY 6-8 people are shot and killed by police in Australia every year, in 2017 - 987 people were shot by police in America!!! That’s Australia’s total EVERY THREE DAYS!!! The reason ours is so low??? It’s not because our police don’t carry guns - they do!!! BUT they have pepper spray and tasers as their first line of defence... Our police don’t need to shoot so many because we don’t have that many guns in Australia, hence there’s no need to use guns!!! Therefore take away the ability to commit the crime you take away the likelihood of it being committed in the first place!!!

  • @smith_da_ninja Sorry yo. I have been a GVP advocate for the past six years. No offense but I'm done debating. Any pro gun debate is pointless to address. Time to do some fucking demanding. Live long and prosper.

The final image in the ELEGY show, but reworked in collaboration with @teachr1 . Kinda powerful, absolutely beautiful and sincerely respectful. Net proceeds from this 16 by 20 image on aluminum will go to two uses, equally: art supplies for schoolch

  • @leslierheingold indeed !

  • Hoggy really is seeking to be the intersection of these two ideas ❤️

So, I replied to this kid's (@davidmileshogg ) Tweet on Twitter & guess what, he blocked me. I think my questions were very relevant to the situation. I guess he didn't think so. So I've been doing some research & found out he leaves all the hate t

  • This sequence is really so beautiful!

  • Yoo brother can you DM me all proof of him being a crisis actor? Thanks



Great humanitarians live through courage and sacrifice. Their roots are decency with unconditional seeds, cultivating connection for global gardens. Peaceful and environmental respect for all things living. A week ago, youth gathered in masses and c

@davidmileshogg Red Foreman and I agree you're a Dumb Ass. Subsequently i find it oddly hilarious that all your top college picks decided tonopt out of offering you spots. Maybe it's because they now know your credibility and integrity are shot (ak

@davidmileshogg such a liar. Did your media or acting classes teach you that? Or was it engrained from your FBI Agent Obama Loving Father who hates @realdonaldtrump and wants guns stripped from all Americans like you do? You're a Fascist Communist L

  • This kid is a piece of fucking human shit... He needs a baseball bat to the head

  • I hope Hoggy isn’t lying on purpose. Honesty is always the best policy

Zucked trying to comment on #davidmileshogg 's page message reads: For starters you're not millennials, you're generation Z, Millennials are your stupid parents that raised you all to be little assholes. Next, you already have changed America, but I

@davidmileshogg daddy is big bad FBI Agent who screwed up and didnt do his job allowing for the shooter to get past the system then @sheriffisrael did the same thing. All the above are protected at home by rifles and guns yet want us disarmed. No dou

Headline: ...BUT ONLY WITH NRA’S PERMISSION. KCStar 3/24/2018. Our country? #drainthenra #nrabloodmoney #emma4change #standwiththestudents #enough #marchforourlives #marchforourliveskc #marchforourlivesla #davidmileshogg #cameronkasky

  • #NRA has done more good for this country than all you communist freaks could ever do. I think I'm gonna renew my blood money tonight 🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫

  • This rocks! I love seeing my friends put in work ✊💪👊

Yup ##davidmileshogg #davidhogg #commies #commieliar #communism #communist #nazi #fascists #2018communistmovement #pinkocommie #cnnboytoy #georgesorospuppet #guncontrolpuppet #littlehitler

  • @sarahpreston28 @jrg2218

  • Those anti-gun kids will all get into some of trouble or failure and it will be the media’s fault for turning them into celebrities for a cause they probably don’t even know anything about. Once the spotlight fizzles out, they’ll be nobodies again and they’ll crash and burn.