Yes that's me in Broadsheet Melbourne on Election Day. Glad my voice was heard. Woof

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What IKEA should have run with across the country today. Timing in advertising is EVERYTHING! IKEA absolutely nailed this with their overnight response to luxury fashion brand Balenciaga launching a $3000 tote that scarily resembled ‘the’ IKEA shop



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  • *reads post* *reads comments* *googles: Clive 60mil* *skims article to understand Australian electoral process and the context of post* *lols frfr*

  • @tonyubo Hahahaha I love your commitment to the lol - the real MVP



NEW PROPOSED FIRST HOME BUYER DEPOSIT SCHEME The new government (Coalition) has offered $500m to underwrite home loan deposits for first home buyers who can save for a deposit of at least 5%, but who cannot reach the 20% deposit that most banks requ

Yesterday @abcnews_au released a national income comparison tool, which gives you the opportunity to gain some insight into where you fit into Australia’s socio-economic landscape.⠀ .⠀ As part time workers, part time students, paying a mortgage, tryi

  • @t__woods come sit on our deck soon so we can have a photo of you too!

  • @charlottesquires don’t know what’s going on in this thread but LOVE it 💘

Al Jazeera infiltrated the NRA. This week, we bring you the story of a three-year undercover investigation by Al Jazeera that has exposed how the @nationalrifleassociation coached Australian politicians on how to build a PR strategy from a massacre.

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. | In The News - | What the federal election result means for the property market. . A shorter, shallower property price downturn could be on the cards on the back of the Coalition’s victory at the polls, experts say. But the long-ter

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The simplicity, the effectiveness, the power of #ooh . . But wait, there's more. Get it right, and it goes viral on the socials too. . Take a bow @ikea_australia , and well done too to Paradise Outdoor Advertising for making it happen. We'd be proud to

  • An update - despite our best efforts in checking (note to self - must try harder!) - this gem is from @the_surreal_mccoy . Cracking work - we tip our hat to you. Probably no need for @ikea_australia to run the ad now - you've already done their work for them!

  • PS There's a sequel too - also worth a look. Hint - it may, or may not, involve onions.



Feeling bummed about the world #auspol #planet #earth #gif #fire #globalheating #climateemergency #animation #australiavotes #greens

  • Way to kill the vibe of our election night party and also the next three years, Australia 😢😢😢

  • I totally felt the same and then I went and watched 2040. That movie shows that there are so many people out there that think the same and we got some great solutions that could change the way :)

Not going to broadcast much on social media about my political views, other than to say that I was disappointed with the outcome of the federal election this past weekend. We are very privileged to live in a country where we can nominate elected off

Australia has voted. Chiro. Physio. Massage. The coalition you can really trust. #australiavotes #coalition #trust #pinnaclespineandsports

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  • 🙌🏼👏🏼

this was fun. what won't be fun is the climate inaction we're about to see from the libs (in Australia, the Liberal party is the conservative - confusing, i know!) Posted @withrepost@sciq_tyt Last week @jaydelovell got to explain the Aussie voting

  • I'm gonna start a party called SENSATIONAL INTERNATIONAL PARTY that steals the best, well-researched ideas from other countries My last writing post on Insta is a preview. Maybe in 2 years. I will make a handy card for each policy and promote it at a booth near Central station in Sydney 😁

  • 30 days?! *eyes widen as if trying to take in the vast expanse of time that is Election Month* 😮👏

When I went to this polling place, there was a guy with a shirt saying " I ️ our ABC & I vote" Think before who you vote for Australia!!!

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  • Oh so true!!

I didn't upload anything on World Fiddle Day, because I was teaching viola and celebrating birthdays, while trying to keep an eye on the Australian election result. It was apparently also World Whisky Day and my evening did include some Speyside sing

TO BLOOM THROUGH A BLACK HOLE Yesterday I asked my daughter to not have children. It wasn't a conversation I ever expected to have. Or wanted to. Previously our roles were reversed & she was the one asking me. . . As much as she is an incredible bel

  • @skullie_and_the_archangel My precious pixie will appreciate your response no doubt. And Sarah Connor hears you whilst soulfully stabbing with a hunting knife into wood... "No fate but what we make".

  • @11strings - I hear you as you hear me... the world needs less people, but it's the mindless ones it needs less of. We'll be Bach. 😎👍💀



Please please please, if you are 18 or over and not registered to vote - you need to register. Stand up for what you believe in and make your vote count. Don't complain about the way things are if you haven't exercised your right to vote, a right so

#repost from @asrc1 A MOTHER AND HER VERY YOUNG DAUGHTER LIVING OUT OF HER CAR .... No food. No home. No medical care. This is the reality many people seeking asylum in Australia are facing this winter. Right now, thousands of people like Aida* and

How are you feeling after the events of the weekend? I am asking because I’ll be honest, I was a bit of a mess on Saturday night and Sunday . I am not a highly political person, I don’t fully understand the senate or the House of Representatives, but

  • @gatherandmoss wouldn’t it be interesting to see a breakdown of how demographics voted like they do in the states. Would be so interesting!

  • The way you live is so inspiring, and I'm OK because there are so many people who value the beauty of the earth in every day practices to be inspired by 💚 There's a lot to be sad about in our political climate. So much. Especially how we can't seem to be creative about renewables or think outside the box when it comes to our economic growth. But coming back to the small daily steps we can all take inspires me

Expert analysis shows that mining magnate Clive Palmer could have won zero seats with just $30 million – half of the $60 million he reportedly committed to the campaign. “Analysing election spending is a tricky science, but we think Mr Palmer could h

  • @elmunni What the actual? You’re getting the @‘s coming at cha 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • @mrsmb1982 haha wtf! 😂

FEDERAL ELECTION 2019 | WHAT THE ELECTION RESULT MEANS FOR THE PROPERTY MARKET Whether you are stunned or ecstatic, the Coalition is on track to secure a majority government following Saturday’s federal election. Property was a key factor in this ye

繼五月18日的澳洲聯邦選舉後, 由以史考特莫里森為首所組成的自由黨與國家黨執政聯盟, 可望繼續執政, 並在第四十六屆國會的監督下領導澳洲. 數幾百萬的澳洲公民行使民主權利參與投票, 包括在台灣的選民, 我們的高代表與他的夫人很高興在此行使他們的權利. Following the Australian federal election on 18 May, the Liberal and National Party Coalition, led by Scott Morrison, has

News from Australia has spread to Brighton. Brighton 200519 #australiavotes #australiachokes #streetphotography #streetart #wallart #urbanart

  • @transit.of.venus I only want to meet your nasty friends 😀😀. No I won't have time sadly. This visit is poorly planned and I can't even recall how I contacted Sarah last time - I think I had a local number

  • @mylifeislikeanisland shame that. All is not lost however - I’ll send you the contact details of the most nefarious people I know and you can hang out with them instead 😂👍

“Cuts to the ABC, including staffing cuts, are now seeming inevitable. This means we have to re-double our efforts to protect our ABC. We won’t let this election result deter us from our campaign for: • Keeping the ABC 100% commercial-free. • No pri

Have you ever had an argument with someone where you’re both so wound up in your points of view that it turns into a shit-fest and feels real gross? Unless you’re the Dalai Lama in disguise, you probably have. Lumping shit at each other isn’t fun bu

While many of us are disappointed with the election results knowing Palestine will not be recognised by this Australian government, we think of Palestinians who have remained steadfast in the face of Occupation. . Palestine needs you now more than ev

No food. No home. No medical care. This is the reality many people seeking asylum in Australia are facing this winter. Right now, thousands of people like Aida* and her daughter cannot access a basic safety net that helps them live safely during the

  • @karen_soane maybe for single people. I’m not sure About families who need to be in reasonable proximity to school.

  • I am jobless too but I will donate what I can...

It seems the property market in Melbourne received the vote of confidence at election day on Saturday. Passing the state-wide clearance rate of 65%, Fletchers achieved a record-breaking clearance rate for the year, selling more than 88% of properties



So deeply saddened by the Australian election result we must not give up or give in though, we must fight for the betterment of our countries future, for a fair go for all who call this beautiful country home, for our precious environment and wildlif

The federal election result has seen Warren Entsch returned to the seat of Leichhardt, while Labor candidate Elida Faith did her best to hide her disappointment of losing. Like all elections, there are celebrations and commiserations. #cairns #cairns

After feeling so down yesterday at the election results I've now mulled on it and processed and am feeling quite calm and humble. I am already raising my children in a way that they might be game changers and I will continue to do so. I also had a



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