Necessary or going too far? “Artist Luke Cornish has been accused of politicising the world-famous beach with the mural, which portrays 24 Australian Border Force officers along with the words “not welcome to Bondi”. He says the artwork is a comment

Working is actually a pleasure. It's just very time-consuming. It's a way of life. I find that I can work when I travel and work when I run. There is nothing like, on a rainy day, to work. — Helmut Jahn Great caption posted via @danvonhoff ______ I

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  • Awesome

"I would describe Australia as a democratic country, but i wish like voting wasn’t compulsory for the nation. Countries like Britain and United States dont force the public to vote but in Australia if you don't vote you will have to pay a fee!" . Suh

The beauty of reading is that it lets you travel in a way you could never know. — Alek Wek Awesome moment shared via @byron.bay.nsw ______ Tag a travel addict! ️ Follow @stunningaustraliaa for more and use #stunningaustraliaa to share your posts wi

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Saturday is the last chance to see 'Electric Paintings' at Sarah Scout. This one is called 'A parliament of patterns' and it was the last painting completed for the show. I downed brushes and decided on the title on 18 May as I listened to the electi

“In order to maximise our collective cultural, social and economic potential, Australia needs a robust and relevant cultural policy platform. We need to boost our national self-esteem and put creativity at the centre of all affairs. Such an ambition

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Sometimes you know what's going on, and you don't like it.

  • @jules.lal thankyou so much

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Dear Arts Party Members, In the past week, The Arts Party has progressed to a state-based focus as we outlined a few months ago. We have secured the continued registration of The Arts Party NSW and have voluntarily deregistered the Federal Party, wh

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Without your support we wouldn't be able to do what we do. Thank you for being a positive force, for being part of the movement and for fighting the good fight right next to us. We're here, standing strong and determined to bring justice for people s

  • 🙏❤

  • This video made my day! Love @asrc1 and all the beautiful people who make a difference to the lives of others, every single day!! 😍

Travel becomes a strategy for accumulating photographs. — Susan Sontag Great caption shared from @cuinthent ______ Tag a travel lover! ️ Don't forget to follow @stunningaustraliaa and use #stunningaustraliaa to share your posts with us, crazy pictu

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  • Hey ..interest come to Bali?

If you think tax return time is good for you, think of the positive impact your #taxdeductible donation can have on a person seeking asylum... or what it means to them. Be the difference for refugees facing homelessness this winter. Follow the link i

Time is running out… for you to make a tax-deductible donation and for families seeking asylum to make ends meet. Put your money where your heart is and be the difference this winter. Follow the link in our bio to make a donation . . . . . . . #refug

  • I remain ashamed of our government

#repost from @asrc1 It's not just a tax-deductible donation. It could be medication, food and safe shelter for a family seeking asylum. Donate before June 30 and be the difference for the almost 5,000 people seeking asylum who have lost the basic s

It's not just a tax-deductible donation. It could be medication, food and safe shelter for a family seeking asylum. Donate before June 30 and be the difference for the almost 5,000 people seeking asylum who have lost the basic support to survive. Fo

  • I'm currently participating in the Ration Challenge and have raised almost $3K for the Syrian refugees in Jordan - will keep supporting the cause.

Every child deserves a home and a cozy bed to go at the end of the day. No child deserves to end up on our streets, but the government is ripping away income support from families seeking asylum, leaving thousands homeless or at risk of destitution.

Nothing can replace the feeling of being able to put food on the table and the independence of choosing something for yourself off the shelf rather than relying on others to decide for you. ⠀ ⠀ You can be the difference between hungry and fed for mor

"I know that tonight I can cook dinner. This makes me feel normal. We are safe for a week when I come to ASRC for the Foodbank" - Nasima, mother of four (hungry) kids.⠀ Your donation could be the difference between hungry and fed for a family seeking

Penelope, you asked for it, we deliver. A bunch of potatoes will be used next week to feed kids, women and men, all in the process of seeking asylum. Thank you for making the difference! ⠀ ⠀ And if you want to follow Penelope's gesture, go to our bio

This #influencer series is diverse. And—according to him, at least—there is no greater supporter of diversity then the recently re-elected The Right Hon. Phillip Bent MP, our resident #grandpa and #ironicmeme . Phillip and his trusty staffer Brodie ar

Today, on our 18th Birthday, we want to recognise and thank you for standing with us over the years. We promise never to give up until we realise our vision for a free and fair society for refugees and people seeking asylum. #asrc18years ⠀ ⠀ If you wa

  • Great work but how sad that your work is needed.

  • Happy belated birthday ASRC! I’m so grateful for all that you do. Will make a donation! ❤️

Raise your hand if you are a migrant, your parents are migrants or your best friend is a migrant. Raise your hand if your husband/wife was born overseas and now calls Australia home. Raise your hand if your favourite food is Chinese/Indian/Thai/Ethio

  • 👨🏼‍🎓 I wanted to reach out to ask if you would you like to be a Champion with us, to provide 1 million students with laptops, so we can support their ability to pursue their dreams? Every child deserves to have a Champion in their life, as I am sure you have many Champions that you are thankful for. As a Champion you will be able to share our laptop scholarships to help students you know, as well as be a witness to the 1000s of students who are sharing their dreams. For too long have Millions of students lacked the technology needed to reach their potential, together we can be the solution and create a brighter future for everyone. Check out the link in my bio.

  • Ethiopians don’t have food. 🙄

If you believe that everyone deserves the right to seek safety and freedom and that Australia really is a compassionate nation for all, then stand with us at the ASRC Telethon on World Refugee Day, Thursday 20th June. Help us to raise $1 million to e

Discover how we used our proprietary BrandAsset® Valuator tool (BAV) to uncover how well the candidates of the recent Australian election resonated with voters. Our president of SEAPJ, Nick Foley explains. Link in bio. . . . . . #agency #agencylife #

Keating on election night 2019

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  • Get your daily dose of #Liberal #Progressive #LeftWing #LeftOfCenter #Democrat #commentary and news with @TMV_News 😍(PS: If you prefer to not receive our comments on your posts, please kindly let us know and we will cease & desist immediately. Thank you!!!)

LINK IN MY BIO PLEASE WATCH IT #repost @greenpeaceap Exclusive: we've teamed up with seasoned investigative journalist Michael West to lift the lid on the toxic stranglehold that Big Coal has over our political system.⠀ ⠀ We didn't anticipate the s

Made this for @asrc1 to illustrate the cruelty of recent government cuts. Things are likely to get a lot worse for people seeking asylum. Arguably, they will be hardest hit by the result of the election. No food. No home. This is already the realit

Don't be afraid to use your voice. . swipe for more . On 18th May, Australia voted. The results shocked Australia and devastated many, including yours truly. Another term of the conservative right in power. I seriously considered packing my bags a

  • @zein.ink haha. Thanks Nadia. Honestly, i was only slightly disturbed for a day. 😉Hakuna matata.

  • Very true. Love your quote.

We, too, welcome the new Minister for the Arts (though are a bit worried about the combination of the role with Communications and Cyber Safety). . LPA Chief Executive, Evelyn Richardson and LPA’s President Richard Evans responded to this appointment

Healthy fats and sea sponges... it wasn’t so long ago that Phillip’s in-car vocabulary would never have encompassed such terms. But after suffering a swing against him in the election (though lucky enough to retain his seat), Phillip Bent MP is liste

You Daughters Of Freedom Claire Wright ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ . Wow, a huge part of Australian feminist and political history that I knew so little about. This is an empowering and incredible read of the efforts of five key women in their fight for Votes For Women

  • Cont. I have probably walked past Dora Meeson Coates banner in Parliament House in Canberra previously - I will definitely be seeking it out on my next visit. I reserved this read for this month, being the federal election in Australia, and it was a powerful reminder how lucky we are to be able to freely have our say in the country - but now enriched knowing the women's stories behind that privilege is a new admiration and awe.

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This Is Fine, Australian edition. A really bad news week for anyone who isn't rich, or is aware of the deep trouble we're in on climate - Scott Morrison and his remaining ragged band of small-time crooks and godbotherers were re-elected. The assistan

Finally now that Clive Palmer is out of the way without a single seat, WE CAN ENJOY YELLOW AGAIN! These babies are on their way and will be here in time for spring. Check out what is available now on our website, link in bio. . . . . . . . . . #col

Yes that's me in Broadsheet Melbourne on Election Day. Glad my voice was heard. Woof

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  • https://www.broadsheet.com.au/national/city-file/article/dogs-democracy

What IKEA should have run with across the country today. Timing in advertising is EVERYTHING! IKEA absolutely nailed this with their overnight response to luxury fashion brand Balenciaga launching a $3000 tote that scarily resembled ‘the’ IKEA shop

  • Thanks for sharing and very pleased that you rated it so highly :)

  • @the_surreal_mccoy love your work!!

NEW PROPOSED FIRST HOME BUYER DEPOSIT SCHEME The new government (Coalition) has offered $500m to underwrite home loan deposits for first home buyers who can save for a deposit of at least 5%, but who cannot reach the 20% deposit that most banks requ

  • Love the hustle! You may enjoy the real estate content on my profile @thegetrichscheme, check it out if you get a chance!

Yesterday @abcnews_au released a national income comparison tool, which gives you the opportunity to gain some insight into where you fit into Australia’s socio-economic landscape.⠀ .⠀ As part time workers, part time students, paying a mortgage, tryi

  • @t__woods come sit on our deck soon so we can have a photo of you too!

  • @charlottesquires don’t know what’s going on in this thread but LOVE it 💘

Al Jazeera infiltrated the NRA. This week, we bring you the story of a three-year undercover investigation by Al Jazeera that has exposed how the @nationalrifleassociation coached Australian politicians on how to build a PR strategy from a massacre.

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. | In The News - Domain.com.au | What the federal election result means for the property market. . A shorter, shallower property price downturn could be on the cards on the back of the Coalition’s victory at the polls, experts say. But the long-ter

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Some inspo for all you peeps who are still feeling exhausted and sad from the weekend’s devastating election result. I’ve been unable to work, I’m so out of sorts and completely frustrated at this broken system and the prospect of another 3 years of

  • Rest and regroup Sally

  • My sentiments exactly Sally, trying to mentally trying to take deep breath but not feeling so frustrated at it all.

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