Lenore Taylor is spot on. If we can’t unearth someone in our political system who can stand up & fearlessly dismantle the flow of sheer nonsense that calls itself political debate right now, our future is precarious. . . . @lenoretaylor1 Repost @gua

  • Isn't there a requirement for truth in advertising? Why can't there be a similar requirement with regard to politicians?

Al Jazeera infiltrated the NRA. This week, we bring you the story of a three-year undercover investigation by Al Jazeera that has exposed how the @nationalrifleassociation coached Australian politicians on how to build a PR strategy from a massacre.

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Please please please, if you are 18 or over and not registered to vote - you need to register. Stand up for what you believe in and make your vote count. Don't complain about the way things are if you haven't exercised your right to vote, a right so

Only the wisdom of Rumi soothes the spirit this Monday. Don’t give up hope, keep the faith and let the light in. Only 3 more years. . . . . #rumi #mondaymotivation #hope #keepthefaith #thewoundistheplacewherethelightentersyou #thewoundiswherethelig

  • @jennyramosdiaz well you’ve made me laugh. Isn’t it pathetic. When did we stop caring and put a few miserable cents ahead of kindness and the common good

  • @finslineonlife 😊 So much fake news and wilful misinformation out there designed to scare and confuse the mindless masses. Next time! 💚

Climate Action got bite taken out of it by team Scomo on 18th May, 2019, but an independent shark took away an old lifeguard called Tony, Clive's millions couldn't buy our love & we got a free lesson in managing the message, Anyone looking for a wide

I voted against a massive personal tax cut slated for 2024, because I would happily pay more money for essential services. I voted to close the gap, because it's time that our First Nation's People had the same access to health, education and advance

  • I don’t know what the fuck is wrong with people these days. The US is simultaneously sickening and scary, and it seems to be becoming that way all over the planet. @jefreywith1f_ , we’re all moving in😂!

  • The world is going to shit, but this record still rules.

Now is the time to work. Reduce your waste and only buy things you love. Call out racism and privilege. Share stories to get your point across - take the time to articulate your views for people who are at Square 1. Eye rolling and deep sighs never g

POST-ELECTION - Now, more than ever, we can’t stand by & watch those with power steal our future. We can’t stand by and let them take what’s ours. We will not, we should not, rest until our climate is protected, our jobs are ample & ongoing, our neig

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Sign my petition to have election 46 rewritten?

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  • Haydn Tuia | Perth WWW. UPARSEGUIDORES .COM

A collection of the best images from election night as votes were counted and party supporters reacted to the results. Labor’s Bill Shorten conceded defeat and stepped down as party leader, and the prime minister, Scott Morrison, claimed a Coalition

  • I share Zali Steggles respect for the science of Climate Change. And I hope she wields the power to move the far right up out of the dark holes they dug for themselves investing in coal mining. A move away from coal and into renewables which is in everyone’s interest! Even Clive’s, Gina’s and Ruperts’ et al.

  • Great pic of Zali!👏

To stay I’m saddened by the election result is an understatement. I take solace in The fact it wasn’t a decisive victory and there is hope in the years ahead to create meaningful change on #climate warming and #agedcare . Today I am going to be gent

  • @maryamsays get angry! And then use it with kindness. We need to bring ppl on this journey. (Watch the Netflix doc about flat earthers to understand what I mean about that). My privilege is smacking me in the god damn face and I know I need to be a better fucking ally for our #firstAustralians, #olderadults, #lgbtiq and more.

  • 🧡👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

Despite being gutted by the election results, I still have hope for the future. Despite the majority of Australians caring more about their franking credits, negative gearing, and personal wealth than other human beings, animals, the environment, or

  • @kathymcmillanphotography im a doomsdayer hehe i cant see it happening honestly and Australia is western thinking so we will always have some form of free market capitalism....im ready to the world to go up in flames in 50 years or so 😪

  • @nickers.w Ha ha, it probably will, and who will we have to blame, fucking numb nut human beings.

Big weekend for voting and #democracy . #australia & #eurovision votes ! #australiavotes2019 #scottmorrisonmp Have a day of good. Make it a little bit better than yesterdaylook after the river and the trees! #fuckcancer #cancersucks #cancerisathorn

  • I am a brain cancer survivor because cannabis oil RSO, (not CBD) saved my life! I am on a mission to help others, and spread awareness! @melanasmith85 Sending my love, always. #nevergiveup #fuckcancer

  • @cannaconsultant1 Thankyou, you are blessed you found something that helped you beat your cancer. Stay true to your cause and keep sharing your knowledge. Xo ( there was nothing that could save my brother, all he had was his determination and will to live”

Voting in Australia 2019. Another election has passed. The predictions from bookies, the polls, media and the experts weren't exactly correct. But life goes on so let's be thankful we live in a country that has democracy (plus senate & preference

  • 👊🏼👊🏼

  • @mike45acp ...Paul Begala said 'politics is show business for ugly people...' 😆

I really want to say that I couldn’t see this train wreck coming but the greed and stupidity of the Australian people should never be under estimated. 🤦‍️ Ashamed to be Australian. #australiavotes2019 #ausvotes19

  • I wish I could disagree but I can't 😥

  • Yep..... it’s absolutely baffling 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

Millions of Australians voted in a general election in which the ruling conservative coalition campaigned on its record of economic management and a resurgent Labor opposition promised action on climate change and tax reform Prime Minister Scott Mor

Mood right now. Thanks #australiavotes2019 but #nothanks I’ll be back in three years - #fuckwits #cantbelieveit #stunned #️ # #whoarethesepeople #ivoted #dontwanttogohome #travels #democracy #majoritydontwin #sad #gutted #australiadownthedrain #letsa

  • @bessworks sadly most people did, the ‘winners’ are a coalition. They have no fucking hope of making it alone so the majority of voters have to suffer a right wing government made of three fuckwhit parties 😭😭😭

  • @isabelfforde it’s a worldwide craze to be run by fuckwits, dontyaknow? 😭😭😭

The humble Democracy Sausage, by far the best thing about Australian politics. 🇦🇺 It’s Election Day back in Aus, and voting is never complete until you consume one of these. I may not be back home, but nothing would stop me partaking in this fine tra

Great! Scott Morrison remains the current Prime Minister of Australia still. Can’t stand him!! At least the Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott has lost his seat after holding onto it for 25 years so he’s hopefully out now! Never liked him either! Just

  • I can't like a photo of him but 100% endorse the caption

  • Don’t disrespect my man Scomo like that

This is not a real website. It is just my attempt to reconcile our vote result this eve with who I know Australians are. I know we're not xenophobic refugee haters, we care about the gap between the rich & poor, that we don't want our kids to inherit

Comfort eating as the Australian election results come in. I wonder if Norway would grant me political asylum *no offence intended toward genuine refugees* The down side of being in Norway is realising the lost potential of my home country #australia

I’ve heard that Australians could lose their drivers licence if they don’t vote Is that true!? 🤦‍️ . . 今日はちょっとこちらの選挙についてのお話を︎ . 今日5月18日は、オーストラリアの総選挙の日でした。 あまり詳しくはないけど、モリソン首相が率いる与党保守連合【自由党•国民党】から6年ぶりに労働党へ政権交代なるか?というのが焦点の様子。 . 立候補者の中には中国人やインド人?みたいな人もいて

So here I was today, exercising my democratic right to vote, which on the one hand I feel deeply grateful for, and on the other hand, this year was largely an exercise in apathy and voting for who I dislike the least. There’s not a lot to be inspired

  • @owlbookhouse Haha yes I imagine it would 😂 And lol, I think I’ve lost my touch with babies, it’s been years!! 🤣

  • @5sentencebookreviews Me too! It’s a life saver sometimes 📚

Australia poorly done tonight...shame...just shame...I’ve never felt more disappointed in my country than tonight...#australiavotes2019

  • Same. So much shame. What’s happened to us and who keeps voting for these dickheads?? 3 years will fly by 😘😘😘

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