Did we all have favourite politicians when we were teenagers? I mean, don't get me wrong, my walls were mostly posters of Daniel John's in glitter and eyeliner, but I was already paying a bit of attention to national politics. As a feminist in the ma

In case you missed it, here’s our #podonthehill interview with Simon Welsh. Simon is a political researcher who devotes his time to understanding voters’ motivations and what drives their decisions. Nicola Castleman spoke to Simon about the Federal

Can you spot me? Doubtful! But I was here yesterday morning to watch the swearing in of the 46th Parliament of Australia and the election of @tonysmithmp as Speaker of the House of Representatives . No phones allowed in the gallery, so no pics, but I

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Are we hopelessly divided? Or is the "great polarisation" more of a "weary, uninspired middle"? 🤔 . Our very wonderful Secretariat Chair, Louise Tarrant, is asking some important questions about how we might come together around the big challenges of

Aaaand… here it is! In our season two debut, we talk about the Australian federal election and how Christians influenced the result. Issues like religious freedom, abortion and asylum seeker/refugee rights get airtime, plus we interview Father Rod Bo

  • A stunning reflection on the recent election. I may be biased but it’s amongst the best and most honest review I’ve listened to.

  • Great listen and great thinking!

Were you left gobsmacked by the federal election? The first episode of Sheology season two comes out tomorrow (eek) and we'll be giving Australian politics a red hot go... get ready for some koalaty content!

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Together, we did it! We’ve retained our WA Senate seat for our Greens movement! ~ We've been on such a journey together, some have been along for the ride since when I was catapulted into the Senate 18 months ago, and others have joined the movement

  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Awesome news Jordon, huge congratulations to you and your team, fabulous 👏🎉🎈💃🏽🕺🏽🎈🎉👏

L O O K P R I D E • • • • • • ME E REUNIDO CON ESTAS CHICAS PARA REALIZAR UN MAQUILLAJE DEDICADO AL #orgullogay esperemos les guste y pasen a cada perfil para conocer más del trabajo de la chica. @makeupkhikiguns @favirubio_mua @coco_ramirez06 @k

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  • Hermosa 😍💓 lo ame

The news just dropped that with preferences counted Senator @mehreenfaruqi has officially been re-elected to the Australian Senate! Yes!! Political campaigning has been new, interesting work, what a moment! Definitely have a taste for campaigning n

It's official! Senator @mehreenfaruqi has been re-elected to the Senate! Thank you to everyone involved in the campaign and all our supporters for making this happen. From Mehreen - "Preferences have just been counted and I've been re-elected to the

  • No one wants to vote for you pricks

  • You guys are all bloody lesbians who are ruining everyone’s life by trying to make yours better I’ll just ride my dirt bike illegally and I’ll smoke u all in my diesel truck iff I see you

Almost been a month since the election, how are we all feeling about it? (Not my work) #australia #auspol #politicsmemes #liberalaus #ausvotes

  • @the_freedom_guy000 The only reason Scomo stood a chance is because Clive Palmer, a minor party, preferenced Scomo so all his votes went to him. That’s why Queensland was overwhelmingly in majority or Liberal. Besides, Tony Abbott lost his seat to an independent of a minor party

  • @chrisciples there was quite the influx of Liberal votes, partly because they are recognisable and not too idealistic like ALP

Deeply honoured to be declared as the Member for Higgins today. Thank you to everyone involved in our democratic process. To all candidates and volunteers and to the tireless @auselectoralcom thank you. Our democracy is and should always be about t

  • Katie Allen MP, what a moment

  • A.blessing you are and also congratulations! 🥰😊😃🧡🧡🧡

BREAKING NEWS: The SDA is taking Woolworths to the Fair Work Commission against the restructure. The SDA has serious concerns that the Company failed to properly consult workers and the union and that many of the planned redundancies are not genuine

We are saying goodbye to our little campaign office on Glenferrie Road, despite the election result we know we have started something big. Stay tuned for more updates on renewable energy, climate change and integrity in politics. #thatsawrap #ausvot

Lenore Taylor is spot on. If we can’t unearth someone in our political system who can stand up & fearlessly dismantle the flow of sheer nonsense that calls itself political debate right now, our future is precarious. . . . @lenoretaylor1 Repost @gua

  • Isn't there a requirement for truth in advertising? Why can't there be a similar requirement with regard to politicians?

Regarding foreign aid, what does the Bible say to Christians about welfare?⠀ ⠀ In Paul's first letter to Pastor Timothy (5:8), we see this verse about prioritising who receives welfare, "If anyone does not provide for his own, and especially for thos

LINK IN MY BIO PLEASE WATCH IT #repost @greenpeaceap Exclusive: we've teamed up with seasoned investigative journalist Michael West to lift the lid on the toxic stranglehold that Big Coal has over our political system.⠀ ⠀ We didn't anticipate the s

There are few greater honours than to be elected by your community to represent them in our nation’s Parliament. Thank you Burt! Thank you also to all the @auselectoralcom staff (permanent and temporary) that make our democratic process happen so smo

Hey Aussie Christian voters! We’re curious to hear how you voted in the election for a discussion on an upcoming episode. If you’d like to share your thoughts, DM or email us at sheologypodcast@gmail.com with either a written or voice recorded statem

  • I’m a Christian (I think) and I voted for the Greens because I love the earth. And if we don’t do something about climate change, we’re f#cked.

  • @theyearofsimplicity thank you! 😊

Yes you do. Oh, don’t forget the appointment of a climate change denying Special Envoy for the Great Barrier Reef who claims the reef does not require ‘saving’. . The Morrison government has wasted no time in “getting back to work”. . . . . #politics

MP Warren Entsch, Scott Morrison’s newly appointed Special Envoy for the Great Barrier Reef says the World Heritage site doesn't need "saving". He also accused climate change activists of "indoctrinating" school students who protest the climate chan

Remember my rant about the plastic cable ties from the election? The powers that be finally came to take away the cardboard booths and boxes (after much harassing) but apparently they are not responsible for the paper rubbish! WTF? They literally tip

  • I can’t wait until next Election Day. I’m going to show up dressed as a big grizzly forest ranger and ride those egg heads and their minions for every lone scrap and whisp of detritus. And, they’re gonna hear some Rahsaan Roland Kirk too @mark.hoffe

  • @lagatonegra This pleases me.

The luckiest. Really. So grateful to work with my pal @chriskevinkenny Also, how good is the set for #thekennyreport ? #skynewsau #auspol #ausvotes #comment #opinionwriter #opinion #ladywriteronthetv #corporatelife #workinglife #workingweekend #fa

  • You’re a gun Gemma. Always great to chat - one of almost half a dozen intelligent and civilised Collingwood supporters I know. Note my Crows mug stays on set through thick and thin (and even though publicity insist on Sky mugs!).

  • @chriskevinkenny thank you CK...AND i still have all my own teeth!

perfect day in the nation’s capital to cast my vote at Old Parliament House - what an amazing experience walking through one of Australia’s most significant sites to exercise my democratic right. how lucky we are to live in this incredible country -

  • Oohhhh I just heard about that place on the radio in the tractor! Your Dad would be so proud. 😘

  • @farmercazli 😘😘

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