#repost @the_shovel_ (@get_repost ) ・・・ Building on his promise from the election campaign, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced that every Australian taxpayer will get an additional ten Fair Dinkums next year, on top of the Fair Dinkums alread

Building on his promise from the election campaign, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced that every Australian taxpayer will get an additional ten Fair Dinkums next year, on top of the Fair Dinkums already delivered since January. Mr Morrison



so much for the unloseable election Labor... not that I'm complaining, i sit on the fence and judge by policy - Labor made themselves a huge target with their policies and Scott Morrison took the opportunity to attack them. I support Liberals most el



This, from @guardianaustralia this morning (And anyone needing inspiration for a grassroots revolution in response to Australia’s recent election results should watch the Netflix documentary film, Knock Down The House, spit-spot). . . . #alexandriao

  • Nothing is real. This is all so theatrical. Everyone is performing on the emotional expense of everyone else....💯

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Let’s hope this new deal will stop Australia using other countries as our waste dumping ground and get our sh*t together. It’s shameful. We’re using Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia as our tip!! . “Around 180 countries reached a deal on Friday to amen

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The next Labor Prime Minister is not in the Parliament. One of this pair will just be warming the seat #ausvotes

Free, fair, and democratic elections are a gift. For much of the world, the process is dogged by military intimidation and government corruption with outcomes determined ahead of time. Every three years, without fear of reprisal, eligible #australian



On Saturday the 18th of May the Honourable Bill Shorten MP stood down as the leader of the Australian Labor Party. As leader of the Australian Labor Party Bill Shorten enacted change on party politics giving more power and say to members. A legacy h

  • That last hash tag... #letsgiveautraliaAnalBo 😂🤣🤣👌

We’ve written a summary of the full context behind its worthlessness if you’re interested;

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Here’s (part of) your answer to, “What the hell happened on Saturday night?” Amy analyses the shock federal election result with Twitter friend of 9 years, Australian political history expert and writer Malcolm Farnsworth. It turned out to be a very

The people who rely on Labor Governments need more of these in the ballot box. Writing off certain parts of the country as too uneducated to understand our policy doesn’t achieve that. #election #auspol #ausvotes

Comrades, and politically engaged friends - I know a lot of you are hurting, anxious, angry and confused right now. All of the above or some combination. Me too. One way to make your heart smile? Get a sister to deliver a bunch of red flowers to you

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Many of us will be dismayed by yesterday's election results. But now is not the time to give up. One thing this election proves is that Australians care deeply about impacts of the climate crisis. Our challenge is to ensure all those worried about ou

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“If we are unafraid to offer a vision so ambitious that it makes the short sighted laugh. If we are brave enough to be human in front of the whole world, then what can our detractors really do? What do we have to be afraid of? The answer is nothing”

Rate cuts are coming. Read all about it! Article by Peter Switzer, link in bio. Interest rate cuts are coming in June. This is as certain as an unreliable federal election poll!

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Hands-free Bonnie! (Feat. @talulahddg ) Dogs are so good for workplace well-being. This week has been tough in the aftermath of the election, as we’re confronted with the challenges ahead for the climate crisis, with a government packed with climate s

Continuing the postmortem of the 2019 federal election, how well did the media do? Not very, writes Denis Muller, and it’s time journalists’ approach changed. Yes, the polls were wide of the mark – but journalists need to be more careful about how th



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The simplicity, the effectiveness, the power of #ooh . . But wait, there's more. Get it right, and it goes viral on the socials too. . Take a bow @ikea_australia , and well done too to Paradise Outdoor Advertising for making it happen. We'd be proud to

  • An update - despite our best efforts in checking (note to self - must try harder!) - this gem is from @the_surreal_mccoy . Cracking work - we tip our hat to you. Probably no need for @ikea_australia to run the ad now - you've already done their work for them!

  • PS There's a sequel too - also worth a look. Hint - it may, or may not, involve onions.

And 30% of the planets land mass is used for agriculture.

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  • Cant believe we’re still doing this...

Join Corrie Perkin, Caroline Wilson and Brendan Donohoe for our post election Ep 'Who Don't You Pick On?' - Mums and retirees for starters. How did the pollsters get the election results so wrong? Was an absence of X Factor Bill Shorten's undoing? W

  • 👏👏 Great podcast ladies and gentlemen. Re kids voting, mine were advised to educate themselves beforehand, make it about your community not individual benefits and if it’s for a minor party originating in QLD then you are no longer my child 🤷‍♀️

  • Hi Caro and Corrie, I’m with you Caro, never watched a Game of Thrones episode or read the books- too busy indulging in the Cazalets 💕

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to every single person who so generously gave their time and energy to help grow our Green movement here in Swan Together, we knocked on thousands of doors, made thousands of phone calls, and had thousands of w



The 1000 people remaining on Manus and Nauru held hopes that a change of government might bring their release closer after 6 years. With the Morrison government retaining power and the refugee issue not even part of either party’s campaign, their fra

  • Disgusting human behaviour, forever a stain on us as a country.

  • God it's just so sad.

Apparently "stability", fake budget surplus (actually stopping people accessing NDIS), franking credits (whatever the hell they are) and investment properties is worth more than human life. Democracy is a dumpster fire in Australia. A single "news"

Life is always in motion and with this understanding we can start to see why conservatism digs its own grave. For when we constrict something to be unchangeable we ensure its inevitable demise. Hope shines the brightest light. #equalityforall #ausvot

"We're updating our style guide to introduce terms that more accurately describe the environmental crises facing the world. For example, instead of saying “climate change”, our preferred terms will be “climate emergency, crisis or breakdown”. We'll a

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That's a wrap! The Federal Election 2019 is done and dusted and Australia has spoken! Young Conservatives Queensland were out on the frontlines backing some fantastic candidates to support good, conservative Australian values in politics. Amazing e

The opinion polls were correct in one sense: in the sense that that’s what they were ... opinions. Barry Lamb, Heidelberg West @theage letters #auspol #ausvotes

This resonated with me this morning, in a week when blame & finger pointing seems to be the thing to do (I’m thinking of the election) I’ve decided to take a different stance. In the words of the mighty Whitney Houston (yes she was on my wall as a ki

  • This is brilliant Emma @outofthecot 😍 also a cracking song! 😆

  • @tashcocks 🙌😁

Lessons learned while working on an environmental campaign. It’s almost a year since I managed the launch of @wilderness_aus new brand, website and awareness campaign. . . What did I learn? Don’t be a martyr for the cause. Your health, wellbeing an

When I went to this polling place, there was a guy with a shirt saying " I ️ our ABC & I vote" Think before who you vote for Australia!!!

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  • Oh so true!!

If Jesus Intrepreted this the passage the way we sometimes do, then he wouldn’t of been crucified. I know, I know, it sounds like that at a surface reading. However, we are talking about a 2000 year old book, and so digging up some good historical c

What a week! The last six days of the ScoMo marathon certainly burnt a lot of jet fuel. Anyway it looks like the government picked up 2 extra seats, so, worth it? #ausvotes #auspol

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  • I was amazed how quickly their conversation went from politics to that.



Saturday was a mix of emotions but I left the day totally changed. Filled with more hope then ever before, seeing the PRAYERS of the faithful change the direction of a nation has shifted my faith. The truth is no political party is perfect, that is

One speculation is that voters fear climate policy more than climate change. Data from the Lowy Institute indicates that voters are most concerned about the climate when there is a perception that the government’s current policies regarding climate c

Good news, our 46th parliament will have the highest ever number of women! A huge congratulations to all the women who were elected and who ran for office (some of whom I had the privilege of meeting) - no easy task. This is a great outcome but it’s

  • @activist.ash This makes us so happy. So much more work to be done, but this is an amazing step! 🙌🏻

  • Let’s empower women together! Check out our page and website so we can get you a Free T-Shirt

Australia has experienced some of the worst effects of climate change in recent few years, from deadly bush fires to the destruction of natural wonders like the Great Barrier Reef. Concern about climate change is now at a 10-year high among Australia

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