so much for the unloseable election Labor... not that I'm complaining, i sit on the fence and judge by policy - Labor made themselves a huge target with their policies and Scott Morrison took the opportunity to attack them. I support Liberals most el



We’ve written a summary of the full context behind its worthlessness if you’re interested;

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Comrades, and politically engaged friends - I know a lot of you are hurting, anxious, angry and confused right now. All of the above or some combination. Me too. One way to make your heart smile? Get a sister to deliver a bunch of red flowers to you

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Rate cuts are coming. Read all about it! Article by Peter Switzer, link in bio. Interest rate cuts are coming in June. This is as certain as an unreliable federal election poll!

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Continuing the postmortem of the 2019 federal election, how well did the media do? Not very, writes Denis Muller, and it’s time journalists’ approach changed. Yes, the polls were wide of the mark – but journalists need to be more careful about how th

The Liberal-National Coalition has won a clear majority in the Australian federal election, which came as a surprise as polling beforehand indicated a Labor win. In the next episode of What the Policy, I’ll be talking with my friend Jen about the re

And 30% of the planets land mass is used for agriculture.

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  • Cant believe we’re still doing this...



WE WANT HEAR FROM YOU Send us a DM if you chose to give your vote to the Liberal Party this election (& are keen to chat to us about why!) We’re keen to learn more about what issues matter to you, and how your choice was made. Send an email to th

  • @leanneindunedin the taxes are misleading. The top 20% here in Oz receives 62% of the tax cuts, and the bottom 30% only receive 7% of the overall cuts. To put this into proportion, if you are in the lowest 10% of Australia (the majority of whom voted Libs) you only get a 2% tax reduction, whereas the top 10% get a 40% tax reduction.

  • there too embarrassed to speak up

One of my favourite pictures from Saturday night. Pure joy and excitement. Thank you for your support and encouragement throughout this process Cathy. You have been a tireless advocate and champion of Indi and regional Australia. I will take up yo

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  • Brilliant work Helen...progressing Cathy's legacy! Keep changing the world.

Photo taken just as the polling booth was closing on election day #ausvotes2019

  • @magnus0pus they still have to count at least 20000 postal and absentee votes, but at present we’ve got close to 23% which is a swing of over 3% - Lib vote dropped by over 2% which isn’t as much as expected but more than most other parts of the state.

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Are you upset about the election results? Drowning your sorrows over the final episode of Game of Thrones (I was, admittedly,quite satisfied though)? Recovering from a nasty head cold? Eat some comfort art with works on paper from my show LINEWORK on



Australia has experienced some of the worst effects of climate change in recent few years, from deadly bush fires to the destruction of natural wonders like the Great Barrier Reef. Concern about climate change is now at a 10-year high among Australia

Our awareness over environmental issues has changed dramatically and it’s really wonderful that we have woken up to learn that the destruction of this planet is a result of government and big business . The down side is that people now seem content t

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We announced the results of our Federal Election Coffee Bean Poll on Friday morning, where our customers placed the Liberal Party ahead with 39.6% of the beans, followed by Labor with 28.4%. Proof that Miss Maud customers take the cake! . . . . . . .

While many of us are disappointed with the election results knowing Palestine will not be recognised by this Australian government, we think of Palestinians who have remained steadfast in the face of Occupation. . Palestine needs you now more than ev

F A R E W E L L to outgoing MP @drkerrynwentworth who has today conceded the seat to @davesharmaforwentworth We thank you for your service to #wentworth #purplearmy #ausvotes2019 #linkinbio

  • Kerryn Phelps thank you for six most worthwhile months of service to the people of Wentworth. You have really engaged with this community and we appreciate all your time an effort. Thank you for raising and identifying so many important local issues. Good luck with your next endeavour.

  • An outstanding local member in every sense.

1kg salt at 3 bags for $2 is #pastdatestillgreat but perfectly timed since we learnt that #globalwarming will cause more wildfires , flooding , famine , drought, whole nations deluged, extinction of a million species , and the potential end of civili

  • i love you, cheaper buy miles PR person

I would like to acknowledge all of those friends and comrades who encouraged me to campaign and put forward a vision for a better world, but especially my son Michael who guided me through the social media part of the campaign. Thank you all. The str

12 reasons why the election result is good for our economy - Article by Peter Switzer, link in bio.

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So, the results – or most of them – are in! With the big majority of votes counted, Jerome Small is on 5.35% of the vote in Calwell. Sue Bolton is on 4.81% in Wills, and Kath Larkin is on 4.91% in Cooper. Our vote this time shows that the state re

  • Knowing Peter Dutton, I'm (sadly) guessing that at least one person in this photo is an infiltrator and/or agent provocateur.

  • So impressive!

The Liberals' civil war is over. The chieftains of the opposing tribes that bedevilled the Liberal party for the past six years have left the arena. Malcolm Turnbull retired from Parliament last year; Tony Abbott was retired last weekend. And, after

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  • It's just 2016 mark II. More of the same. Nothing has changed. After all the chaos, we're right back where we started. What a god almighty waste of time. I give up on politics, it's soul destroying.



Over the entire campaign period, I was so impressed with the dedication of @minazakiliberal . Every day this amazing woman was out in the community, speaking to people and promising to improve the lives’ of Canberrans. This is a difficult city for th

  • 💗thank you @caterinaglobalgoals you are too kind. I knew it was impossible for me to win but it was important for those who don’t vote Labor or Greens to know that someone was out there working very hard for every single vote and that their votes would not be wasted or taken for granted. As a mum I often find myself telling my children to give it a go and that the end result doesn’t matter so long as they know they tried. I needed to walk that talk and that’s what I did. Thank you for being a wonderful future leader who doesn’t just jump on the popular bandwagon. We need more youth like you who can use good reason, facts and take a sensible approach to the issues faced by our society today. The future looks bright because of you and those like you 💋💪🏼

  • @minazakiliberal it is so important that all people’s opinions are represented among candidates in each electorate as much as possible. Thank you for your kind words 💐 I’m honestly speechless (which is rare 😂)

I am saddened by the outcome of the Federal election on the weekend . All I can say is keep fighting, keep educating and keep providing evidence for good policy. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Sure, I'm a social media consultant, but also a public health practitioner who

The federal election was a climate election, but just because Scott Morrison and the liberal-national coalition are back in office does not mean the fight for climate action is over. Get your voice heard, and get them rewriting their climate policy b

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THANKYOU TO THE VOTERS in ADELAIDE Thankyou to all the voters in the Federal seat of Adelaide for putting their trust in me and choosing me as their MP to represent them for the next 3 years. It is an absolute honour and privilege and I will do my

It looks like Scott Morrison will form a majority government. 〰 The ABC election computer is predicting the Coalition will win at least 77 seats, with the Liberals set to secure Bass, Chisholm, Boothby and Wentworth. 〰 Tap on the link in our bio for

  • @dudeism2 I mean I get where you are coming from, each individual is able to amount to crazy things but this straight path is hard for people to see if they're constantly looking sideways

  • @e_putty your brainwashed

Currently taking my sadness and confusion from the outcome of #ausvotes2019 and throwing it into my research paper that has been in the making for nearly two years covering elections in Victoria, Queensland and the Northern Territory. I am keen to ha

The absolute TRUTH of politics. Saturday night’s result was not about @scottmorrisonmp or @liberalaus . It’s about what these politicians will do for us, the people of Australia! Don’t stop being engaged in the democratic system now. Make sure you sp

It doesn’t matter where you live. The fact that 25 white guys could walk into a room and decide that a rapist can spend less time in jail than you could for an abortion- aka WOMEN’s HEALTHCARE is so fucked up. That Australia has voted in a homophobic

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  • Not personalli victimised

Heartfelt thanks to my family, friends, supporters, volunteers and team. Over 8% of the votes to an independent in a very safe Liberal seat is something to be proud of! Congratulations  to the Liberal party for retaining the seat and their candidate,

HUMILITY What can we learn from Bill Shorten’s “I’ve already won” attitude, like Hilary Clinton’s in the 2016 US Presidential campaign? One of the great leadership qualities is HUMILITY. To have power, position and influence yet show restraint, lov



Watching #australia exercise it’s #democraticrights with @findingthatmoment #ausvotes #ausvotes2019 #elections2019 #democracysausage #morningcoffee #braddon #canberra #thelanddownunder #autumn #getoutside #electionday #getoutandvote

  • And the democracy sausage. It blows my mind the things the do down under.

  • @the_atom_r As I’m not a voter, I stuck with coffee out of respect for Aussie traditions. 😂

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