Posted Are you upset about the election results? Drowning your sorrows over the final episode of Game of Thrones (I was, admittedly,quite satisfied though)? Recovering from a nasty head cold? Eat some comfort art with work



Together, we did it! We’ve retained our WA Senate seat for our Greens movement! ~ We've been on such a journey together, some have been along for the ride since when I was catapulted into the Senate 18 months ago, and others have joined the movement

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  • Awesome news Jordon, huge congratulations to you and your team, fabulous 👏🎉🎈💃🏽🕺🏽🎈🎉👏

You voted! Now explain your position! Why do you believe what you believe? Check out yours and other opinions below and feel free to debate!

You voted! Now explain your position! Why do you believe what you believe? Check out yours and other opinions below and feel free to debate!

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Lenore Taylor is spot on. If we can’t unearth someone in our political system who can stand up & fearlessly dismantle the flow of sheer nonsense that calls itself political debate right now, our future is precarious. . . . @lenoretaylor1 Repost @gua

  • Isn't there a requirement for truth in advertising? Why can't there be a similar requirement with regard to politicians?

Regarding foreign aid, what does the Bible say to Christians about welfare?⠀ ⠀ In Paul's first letter to Pastor Timothy (5:8), we see this verse about prioritising who receives welfare, "If anyone does not provide for his own, and especially for thos

Do you work in a charity or not-for-profit organisation? Are you planning on making time for PD over the next six months? Check out our #eofysale including $100 off all training and 50% off online community and learning. Link in profile. #ausvotes201



Ken Wyatt was the first Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander person elected to the House of Representatives, the first to become a Minister and now the first to be a Cabinet Minister and Minister for Indigenous Affairs. #ausvotes19 #ausdecides #ausp

Anthony Albanese has offered to work with the Coalition government on the constitutional recognition of Indigenous Australians and a bipartisan approach to climate change in his first major outing as incoming @australianlabor leader. Mr Albanese vow

  • Good luck. More politicians need this philosophy of cooperation not continual opposition

  • Working with this government on consensus isn’t possible. That’s going to become increasingly clear in the coming months and years

"Sigh. My dreeeeeeams of conquest!" Poor Starscream, guess the voting public simply weren't ready for you yet. Despite scoring quite highly with the fembot demograph, even the Chosen One wasn't a match when facing the two largest parties, such are th

I was lucky enough to report on the federal election campaign this year, spending the first week with Prime Minister Scott Morrison and the final week with Opposition Leader Bill Shorten. We travelled across Australia including to Tasmania, Queenslan

Humbled to have the support of the people of Higgins to be their next representative in Federal Parliament. It has been an extraordinary journey to this point and I want to thank all of my supporters, family, friends and Campaign team for their hard

  • Congratulations as they say if you don’t succeed first time try try again. Well done 👍 a great united team and Scomo will lead us and be a good Prime Minister

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It was the autumn that all the leaves fell and clustered round our ankles like our hopes - all dead and dried. But tinder makes for woodsmoke, and dry leaves feed the flames, and fire makes for hope to rise again. #tinylittlepoem #poetry #au

  • The woodsmoke evokes happy memories of family & friends, gathered around to enjoy the feast cooked upon the flames - it's Pizza for all. Created with love & the warm of the fire - just how you like it 😉

Blew it. What next after the election? This week's Guardian Weekly with Katharine Murphy, Frank Jotzo and First Dog on the Moon is out today, with a custom cover for the Australian edition. Click the link in our bio to subscribe to the Guardian Week

  • @christmas.jessica yes because those who voted liberal were not informed properly of all the facts around the election, and watching it play out it’s even more clear the lies told if you brought them and voted liberal you brought a lie. *No tax cuts this year as promised in fact there is now a crack down in tax exemptions 8.7 billion short fall around the amount to cover franking credits and neg gearing. There is no plan for the environment. There is no plans for kids future. So yeah I think it’s uniformed to vote for people who lack vision and hope for a nation. How could it be deemed any other way? The rich brought and election you brought the lies of the rich to vote that way because you had to be uninformed of the facts.

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Latest episode of ‘It Is What It Is’ Podcast is NOW OUT! . On this week’s episode, @krusey_mate & @jonohimself are joined by US guest, the brilliant @leftyloggy who gives his perspective on Australian politics. . Agenda: - AUS Federal Election #aus

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  • If no body every told you your music 🔥🔥 let me be the first we would love to have your songs playing on @planaradio #LinkInBio

so much for the unloseable election Labor... not that I'm complaining, i sit on the fence and judge by policy - Labor made themselves a huge target with their policies and Scott Morrison took the opportunity to attack them. I support Liberals most el

We’ve written a summary of the full context behind its worthlessness if you’re interested;

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Comrades, and politically engaged friends - I know a lot of you are hurting, anxious, angry and confused right now. All of the above or some combination. Me too. One way to make your heart smile? Get a sister to deliver a bunch of red flowers to you

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Rate cuts are coming. Read all about it! Article by Peter Switzer, link in bio. Interest rate cuts are coming in June. This is as certain as an unreliable federal election poll!

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This week’s comment: Stan Grant on the Uluru Statement from the Heart. Link in bio. #thesaturdaypaper #stangrant #auspol #ulurustatement #ausvotes2019 #election2019

  • I’m trying to lend a hand 🖐 from a #kiwi to an #aussie Living in this #land #our #land #our #people #together I’m #passionate about #trying to #help as an almost 40 year old women so far im sharing anything I think could assist via @facebook @hayleyiggo #goodluck #believe

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Continuing the postmortem of the 2019 federal election, how well did the media do? Not very, writes Denis Muller, and it’s time journalists’ approach changed. Yes, the polls were wide of the mark – but journalists need to be more careful about how th

The Liberal-National Coalition has won a clear majority in the Australian federal election, which came as a surprise as polling beforehand indicated a Labor win. In the next episode of What the Policy, I’ll be talking with my friend Jen about the re

And 30% of the planets land mass is used for agriculture.

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  • Cant believe we’re still doing this...

WE WANT HEAR FROM YOU Send us a DM if you chose to give your vote to the Liberal Party this election (& are keen to chat to us about why!) We’re keen to learn more about what issues matter to you, and how your choice was made. Send an email to th

  • @leanneindunedin the taxes are misleading. The top 20% here in Oz receives 62% of the tax cuts, and the bottom 30% only receive 7% of the overall cuts. To put this into proportion, if you are in the lowest 10% of Australia (the majority of whom voted Libs) you only get a 2% tax reduction, whereas the top 10% get a 40% tax reduction.

  • there too embarrassed to speak up

One of my favourite pictures from Saturday night. Pure joy and excitement. Thank you for your support and encouragement throughout this process Cathy. You have been a tireless advocate and champion of Indi and regional Australia. I will take up yo

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  • Brilliant work Helen...progressing Cathy's legacy! Keep changing the world.

17.05.19 I’m not a very outspoken person naturally. But recent times have forced me to be vocal about what I think is important. What I think Jesus would find important in these days. . We have only been given this planet, let’s steward it well. We h

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