The Holy Spirit is in us all! Thank you Jesus! . . @autism_fighters - "A good one to close out the weekend. “Heaven’s Bright Shore,” sung by Sarah Roberts and Tyler Williams. Someone tagged me in this a long time ago, and definitely glad they did. On

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Day 21 Today “Jon Travolta” just watched his first episode of @gameofthrones and he was amazed!!! Congrats, @hbo you have a new fan. Hope it was able to bring a smile on your face. If It did, I will be making impression videos every day for the month

This is one of those days where I really feel the affects of being a special needs family. While I love to see the family photos and pastel colors that tend to go with Easter, we were also home all day, away from the crowds and church. No family phot

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I don’t care how weird, strange, funny, or dorky I look, what matters is I feel very comfortable physically (because of what I’m laying on, it helps my back by putting pressure on my lumbar area and reliving pressure in my hips that was causing me to

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