How clear, how lovely bright, How beautiful to sight Those beams of morning play; How heaven laughs out with glee Where, like a bird set free, Up from the eastern sea Soars the delightful day. To-day I shall be strong, No more shall yield to wrong, S

So April's coming up which means this is my one free month to try to pump out another cosplay before may. I'm hoping (against just hoping) I'll have motivation to pump out this beserk armor since my sister is planning to be an armored Griffith. We wi

Even though i’ll be swinging by Wondercon next week my hype for Fanime has all of my focus and attention right now so here’s my favorite Pineapple Defense Squad from Fanime. I cant wait for my next Fire Emblem costume Oboro: @lulukohime Takumi: @pr

mmmy bby,,, april uwu (feel free to give PROPER criticism!) . . . #art #ocs #cartoon #cutesy #epic #cute #kawaiiart #kawaii #anime #fanime #artips #criticism #arthelp #artsy #cartoons #artstyle #comic #digitalart

  • i think making her left arm a little longer would help, but otherwise that and the colors especially are great!

  • @strwbarah thanks uwu I was rly debating on the arm but nothing looked good so i just gave up and kept it like thag eueheueeh7eje

Reposted from @laughinglotuscosplay - LAAAATE!!! But I'm finally ready and heading over to Famine. Thank god traffic wasn't too bad since I didn't end up leaning SLO until 9. Orz See ya inside! I'll probably be at registration for a little while.

🤡When the passing looks to die for, take it in your heart now, lover!🤡 - Anime: Danganronpa V3 Character: Kaede Akamatsu - shout out to my bf for leaving his kaede wig here. I’ve never liked kaede as a character at all, but I think I’m starting to wa

I needed a break from hand beading so I got the swan princess ready for #fanime last night! I’m very with happy with how she turned out, and it was fun to try my hand at adding on to a base rather than creating something from scratch. How are everyon

Indulging myself by drawing my old OCs from an animated web series that I tried to make years ago but ultimately shelved. Maybe one day in the far future I’ll revisit the project. Until then I’ll just doodle them for the fun and nostalgia haha ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

  • ohmygod i remember thatf!!

So Shinjuku launched recently for FGO yet here I am still in Babylonia I'll get there someday and hopefully also roll Jalter one day too the next month or two is going to involve a lot of WIP posts on my stories as Sakura-Con and Fanime are coming

  • Dang at least you're in Babylonia. I'm still in Rome!

  • @oshare.cosplay you can do it! 😭 I started right when the game came out and I'm behind haha If you want I can send you my friend code, not sure if my supports would be super helpful?

It totally needs a liner to cover up the hoops! 🤣 Gotta wait until pay day to do that though. #cosplay #cosplayer #ax2019 #fanime2019 #fanime #sewing

  • @elleferranis Thank you! There is still a lot of work to be done to it, but you will totally be able to spot me in a crowd at Fanime! 🤣 We should totally meet up and take a picture together! 😁

  • @sweetlee_anna yea big gowns are easy to see. Haha! I’d love too if we meet. Hopefully I’ll be wearing Cinderella cosplays that day so we will match more but I’d love to see it in person anyways. :D cosplays are always better in person. The Disney gathering days aren’t up yet I think but maybe we’ll see each other there

The Spiderverse is vast and growing fast! . . Top row: @taysm4llz @jenncosplaytastic @loydaest.97 @sactownspidey @tiannalorraine @kt.bee2 Bottom row: @theapple_jax @acro_fitness_fp @its_ah_me_angel @dewill_cosplay @cali_fives : @fourgamershq . . #spi

  • Thanks for the tag 😊👍 It was fun taking photos of all these spider folk. Glad you enjoy the photos & we'll see you at future cons.

  • PLUS ULTRA LIKE!!! ♥️👍♥️👍♥️👍

My school just announced that we’ll be extending our semester for 2 more days which is super whack because like I graduate early so I don’t have to show up for school on the last few days so I’m a little confused as to what the school is thinking lol

I hate Kids == . . . . #captionhasnothingtodowiththepicture #dontreadthesehashtags #anime #otaku #animefreak #animefan #japan #manga #fanime #animetv #animeisthebest #otaku #otakuforever #otakuproblem #animetv #animeworld #otakulife #japan #life #soc

  • @topazfirdaus and then they don’t pay u back cause ur family

  • But just remember, even though you hate kids, there's maybe one time in your life back then where you broke someone else expensive object.

Want to be an exhibitor? We just put out an application for anyone interested in joining our convention team for 2019. Click the link in our bio to apply!

  • @kenh._ 😔😔

  • @wooji.us if y’all ever need people from the Bay and I’m available, by all means I’m down tho!

"3, 2, 1. Let's jam." Some pics from my "Cowboy Bebop" Spike Spiegel shoot with @bsd.photography back at #fanime 2018. Had a lot of fun playing around as this character last year, probably bringing him back for 2019. See you Space Cowboys in San Jose

I was looking at pictures on my phone and I thought wow. My legs and feet look cute in this picture. Then I realized that's a weird thought. :@aetherial_

  • #cosplay #cosplayer#cosplaygirl #cosplayersofinsatgram #costuming #costume #fightinggames #guiltygearcosplay #girlswhocosplay #guiltygear #guiltygearrevelator #guiltygearxrd #ggxrdrevelator #ggxrd #elphelt #elpheltcosplay #elpheltvalentine #spikes #silverhair #bunnywaifu #fanimecon #fanime

  • #bestlegsandfeet

"What a fool you are, rider. I was fine like that. Once I fell, I didn't have the wings to get out of there" . SWIPE FOR SCREENSHOTS RIP MY SOUL AND TEARS T____T someone cos Achilles with me so we can reenact this scene okay? Okay . @amiephotos .

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