so much for the unloseable election Labor... not that I'm complaining, i sit on the fence and judge by policy - Labor made themselves a huge target with their policies and Scott Morrison took the opportunity to attack them. I support Liberals most el





I've never had the privilege of working on a Federal election but this was my year. If you voted (and you should have) I may have counted your vote. Of course, they're all unmarked but I sure did count a lot of them! . I hope you did your thing, AND

Cynthia came out on Election Day with her @animalsaustralia sign in support of the @animaljusticepartyvic. Australians love animals, or so I thought. Maybe they just love their pets because the election outcome means more animals will now be shipped

  • Clearly the public only love their pets😥 great thing about our government though is that PM's get kicked out all the time so let's see if Scomo even lasts three years. Fingers crossed he doesn't!

  • 💚

Your vote was powerful. It mattered. It made a difference. While the LNP may form government they DONT control parliament- Senate -you made sure this happened! So where did we land on #bigoildontsurf #fightforthebight in the wash up of #federalelect

  • @senatorsurfer thanks

  • Thank you @senatorsurfer love your work. Keep fighting for what matters. Keep fighting for the bight. Keep fighting to stop adani. Onwards and upwards, people power will prevail #nowayequinor #fightforthebight #stopadani



30% of Australians own their own home outright || 37% of Australians pay a mortgage || 25% of Australians are paying rent to a private landlord

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Thank you to my colleagues, volunteers, family and friends during this campaign period. The election result is not what I hoped for and I've felt the collective melancholy deeply. It was a sad result for those of us who care about animals, the envi

  • Your result is awesome Bronwyn 💜

  • @drnrichingsajp thanks Nadine, I'm so proud of everyone involved for their dedication and hard work, especially management, I imagine there is s serious sleep deficit!

We announced the results of our Federal Election Coffee Bean Poll on Friday morning, where our customers placed the Liberal Party ahead with 39.6% of the beans, followed by Labor with 28.4%. Proof that Miss Maud customers take the cake! . . . . . . .

At Saturday's federal election, Australia voted for business as usual! We've summarised some of the key tax changes expected with the re-election of the Coalition Government - link in the bio. Some of the expected changes include tax cuts for low

Via @animaljusticepartyajpvictoria On behalf of the candidates and team at the Animal Justice Party, we’d like to extend a huge THANK YOU to all of our volunteers, supporters and those that voted for us!! We are still working on the psephology and w

  • #ajp #ajpvic #animaljusticeparty #banliveexport #sheep #lamb #animalrights #compassion #climatechange #oceans #Australia #AusPol #volunteers #federalelection2019 #Isaacs #animalrights #keepanimalsoffboats #chelsea #aspendale #veganism

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We had a federal election in Australia last weekend. Please remember the importance of letting out your emotions. Talk, journal, exercise, sit with them and acknowledge. Yell. Feel. It's OK to do so. In fact, it's really important that you do. It's

  • yeah wth happened I've been gardening solid for 2 days trying to calm down

  • @marioncrystalcreations awesome way through it. Must add 'garden solidly' to list 🙏

What Bill didn’t realise about the psyche of Australian people. Read more on the blog - link in bio

  • I can see why no one put their name on that drivel - would love to know what the secret unifying platform of ScoMo was, because it certainly didn’t seem to apply to a huge number of minorities? 🙄

  • 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

#federalelection2019 came and went. Maybe we thought some creative ideas and problem solving skills would come in handy. But fear always trumps idea sadly. I was so frightened to create something new I used #helvetica . You can buy it at illustration

The electorate has clearly questioned Labor’s strong focus on climate change action. This is partly based on the fact many voters question a big spend on action if Australia’s emissions are just 1.3% of global emissions. A reasonable question and on

  • @jungle_capital its seriously scary, were in deep trouble and ppl brush over it

  • @damianwizjones she would be AMAZING!

⠀⠀ In the lead up to the 2019 Federal election the Sydney Morning Herald and Good Weekend looked closely at the federal seat of Warringah. In this photo Tony Abbott sits down to talk to the Sydney Morning Herald in cafe in the Bridgeport Shopping Cen

  • Pin🗡 .... how many were soft 😉

  • Tony Abbott said there was a new nastiness in this election. Now he has a bit of time away from politics, he ought to reflect on his time as oppositon leader. Such as, standing in front of Ditch the Witch sign and his misogynist speech in Parliament both in reference to the PM at the time, Julia Gillard. Both, worse than nasty!



So, the results – or most of them – are in! With the big majority of votes counted, Jerome Small is on 5.35% of the vote in Calwell. Sue Bolton is on 4.81% in Wills, and Kath Larkin is on 4.91% in Cooper. Our vote this time shows that the state re

  • Knowing Peter Dutton, I'm (sadly) guessing that at least one person in this photo is an infiltrator and/or agent provocateur.

  • So impressive!

What does the Colaition Win Mean for You?⠀ ⠀ From tax benefits for young families, dinks, empty nesters benefits, housing perks and injection of funds into health avenues, active improvements for climate change, helping young families with childcare,

'Time to get on with it' - REIA President's blunt message following election Real Estate Institute of Australia President Adrian Kelly believed the prospect of negative gearing changes played a "massive" role in the Coalition's upset election victor

Looks like Negative Gearing is staying!

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After the appalling election result I was in mourning, for animals, our climate, the environment, the vulnerable, our children. Today I am ready again, planning and action!! Dreams to reality!! Thanks for the inspiration @naomisimson #ajp #ajpvic #

Democracy in Australia is a beautiful thing. No one is in danger and every person 18 and over has the right to vote. Generally speaking the volunteers handing out the how-to-vote sheets are civil to each other, sometimes even friendly, and politica

Heartfelt thanks to my family, friends, supporters, volunteers and team. Over 8% of the votes to an independent in a very safe Liberal seat is something to be proud of! Congratulations  to the Liberal party for retaining the seat and their candidate,

This is us, getting ready to wind down for the day! ⁣ ⁣ But not before sharing what we got up to this weekend...Started with everyone doing their bit for our amazing country #federalelection2019 & watching the results rolling in whilst enjoying a fe

And at the end of the day, your body may ache, your hair can be knotty, your nails split and fade, your shoes torn up, but your lips must forever be red. Red lippy for #federalelection2019



Dear Scomo, the workers were back at it this morning in Kilkivan (and all over Regional Australia). This is Toddy Power of Powers Transport helping me strap a set of tyres on one of his family's molasses tankers. QLD grabbed the Federal Election by t

  • @emjayday go hard The Kid. Keep putting it on the line for us Mate.

  • Brilliant outcome for us all . Commonsense prevailed .

Former Australian Prime Minister and MP for the seat of Warringah for 25 years concedes defeat to Independent Zali Steggall in the Australian Federal Election, Manly Leagues Club, Brookvale, Sydney, 18 May 2019. jessicahromas⠀⠀ @sydneymorningherald #

BBQ Party... You have my vote... You can never go wrong with a democratic snag! In other news, Australia did not learn from America and their election of Trump but hey we didn’t have much to really choose from either?! #federalelection2019 #democra

Australia has voted. Unfortunately for a government that doesn’t give a shit about animals. . I don’t normally swear in my posts but the result of yesterday’s election makes me want to cry. . For the next three years, we will continue to be subject t

  • @kathymcmillanphotography I think the government has been like this for some time. I agree, we have to have hope. For without hope, what do we have? We also must not forget to fight the good fight. Thank you for being part of the fight with me 🙏🏻

  • @ruthhatten Absolutely, I remember studying economics in high school in the early 90s and learning that the role of Government was to serve the people, by the time I got to Uni and studied more economics in my business degree, turned 18 and could vote, I was already realising the Government was not serving us, didn't matter which major party was elected. The disillusionment has only grown in the 25 years since! Our whole system needs dismantling.

Australia has another 3 years of the LNP in power of the federal government. To say I’m disappointed is an understatement. • • • This election, I had seen a lot of posts and adds for making this the climate election. Unfortunately that didn’t happen.

  • Visit our website to learn ways to protect sea turtles :)

Hope y'all got your votes in yesterday, here in Aus My vote loud & proud: Animals 1st, Greens 2nd, Environment 3rd, Sustainable Australia 4th, Legalise CBD 5th and Labor 6th. I do a postal vote, because I'm a silent elector. Meaning my address & pho

Well Australia voted.... I’m devastated. However we continue the fight and continue the discussion. We are blessed to be able to vote without the threat of being killed as happens in other countries. To all my friends who ran, who won and who lost.

Congratulations to our re-elected Prime Minister Scott Morrison! We are celebrating your victory & standing with you and will be praying for you and your family in leading our nation. Praise You JESUS for your sovereign hand on Australia in these ti

"N E E R 🤫🤭🤐 Discuss Politics OR Religion in polite Company" Quote S○ ........... When I went to make my compulsory V🅾️TE Yesterday 🅱️est thing for e was seeing this Beautiful DG , dutifully waiting outside for its owner at a local Polling Booth

  • Our polling station was FULL of dogs. Best part of the day making new doggo friends.

  • @tony_the_clayton ♓ighlight for me! 💖🐶🐕 .... otherwise 😒👎😄

Sad Optimism When I set out to vote yesterday I felt pride that I have the opportunity to do it. Feeling heartbreaking heavy feelings towards our nations future. We need to have long term visions, consider all peoples, value the arts and address the



Woke to the most glorious autumnal day, ashamed to be Australian. There are no words to convey the disappointment of the great election reveal - that the imminent destruction of our very planet is meaningless to the majority. No amount of negative ge

  • @allymacq1 thanks Alison! My insights wld all be rather bleak I fear! Hope you are doing well x

  • @e_l.l_e__b_e_l.l_e we are still in mourning in this place so bleak insights are in keeping with our mood 🙁

I had the most horrible dream last night. A smug asshole and his mean lying cronies were RE-elected on a platform of more-of-the-same, denial, negativity and fear. Ignorance, fear and greed proved to be more Aussie than mateship and a fair go. I’m

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