As Prime Minister, Andrew Scheer will remove federal income tax from Employment Insurance (EI) maternity and EI paternal benefits by providing a non-refundable tax credit of 15 percent for any income earned under these two programs. The benefit to a

We are closely related to the health of the soils. Regenerative Agriculture is our best chance to counter climate change. Take action now and sign our petition to request regenerative agriculture as a climate solution at the next elections. The li

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Are you ready for the upcoming federal election? Arts advocacy can feel really difficult. How do you concisely message the importance of infrastructure to your work when speaking to a potential elected representative who may not consider the arts to

Whether you are a seasoned canvasser or new to the game, telephone canvassing is a great opportunity to polish up your skills and build up confidence! For volunteer opportunities as a telephone political canvasser, click on the link in the bio! htt

We would love to see you get on board! Contact Sheldon for details.

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Why is it so importnant to me that @hon.maximebernier be allowed to speak at the upcoming National Leaders Debate?? Without contrast, hardships, criticism and access to information human beings can not evolve. It's the trials and tribulations that fo

  • Maybe he aint allowed because idk... He is far right and believes some things that go against the Canadian bill of rights 🤔 just a thought

  • When the whole country is so far left that centrist beliefs "far-right" we're in trouble.. But why not let the people decide?? Thanks for your thoughts

Elections Canada is warning environmental groups that running climate change adds (that cost over $500) could be seen as partisan activity during the federal election campaign. What the what? This is wrong. It is extremely harmful to the public and t

Tuition fees continue to be at an all-time high and the debt thereafter is no different. Young Canadians are impacted by these numbers and we don't want education to become a financial burden. Student debts and tuition fees - we want them eliminated

Attention Brampton: This federal election young voters will be the single largest voting bloc in Canada, and that means our voices and our choices MATTER. We have teamed up with 20 youth and young-professional led organizations in our city to form t

  • Happy to be apart such an amazing event. Can’t wait to collaborate with all these amazing partners!!🧡

  • @helpinghandsapp we're so excited too! 🎉

On October 21, we are the election. The 2019 PrayCanada federal election prayer campaign begins on September 8. Signup today to join hundreds of churches and congregations across Canada who are adopting their riding in prayer as a church: www.prayca

Home of the Raptors. Home of the Jays. Home of the Leafs. Home of many wonderful Canadians. Many are in love with the city, but NOT the costs that come with living there. We want to change that! Do you live Toronto or outside of the big city? #toron

We get it. It isn't easy being a young person in Canada. When rent is $2,300 and a decent meal is $20, it can be difficult to just get by. We want to change that. #youngcanadians , this question is for you - how concerned are you about the cost of liv

  • Is it a good idea to give free Via Rail travel to young Canadians to explore Canada?

Oh Canada! 🇨🇦 Such a wonderful country and we want to make it even better! Who are we? We are the new Federal Party of Canada. We are ready to make a change and give each and every individual a voice this coming election. If you could change ONE thi

Meet Cosecha’s champion in Ottawa and Ontario East - Evan Keaschuk. Evan is hand delivering Pardas, 4 Kilos and Fedellos do Couto to none other than Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Parliament Hill. Justin is powering up for the October election with

@nancyosborne_igotthis is hostess supreme! Thank you (and Jay) for a wonderful garden party and for providing me the opportunity to make new connections! We have such a wonderful community, and I hope I earn the privilege to represent Parry Sound-Mus

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  • Add @trishalynncowie and you can change politics for the better❣️

Great to see an excellent turnout at Rachna Singh’s Community BBQ at Bear Creek Pavillion today. It was wonderful to connect with fellow colleagues and members of our wonderful community. I am honoured to be running as the NDP candidate for Surrey

  • It was a pleasure meeting you today. Unfortunately we didn't get the opportunity to talk further there. Next time.

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Thank you Erin for providing us with a tour of your wonderful facility. The location at 10453 Whalley BLVD operates under the name Youth Hub and it definitely is a Centre for almost all the support a youth would need from food, computer access, safe

At Jagrup Brar’s Annual Community BBQ at Fleetwood Park. _______________________________________ Our Families. Our Community. Our Country. United as One. Surrey Centre NDP – Vote Sarjit Saran ____________________________________________________

Disclaimer: The following content is all from an article by the David Suzuki Foundation! https://davidsuzuki.org/what-you-can-do/top-10-ways-can-stop-climate-change/ @ CANADIANS: VOTE. AND MAKE YOUR VOTE COUNT, PLEASE. Educate yourself on the party’

  • @aylinbal_13 I don’t think we should eliminate them, since that would throw a lot of stuff off, and since eating meat just a little bit is good for you, but reducing their numbers is a good idea, I suppose. Though, my family does cows every once in a while (just for the family) and we don’t use that much water. Places like Walmart does though, so that they can make em bigger

  • @yournerdsam yea the industries use hundreds of gallons of water for a few pounds of ground meat. I never said we should get rid of them, just reduce the amount of red meat you eat. Besides, eating a lot of meat isn’t that good for you anyways, but eating from time to time is healthy

Change can only be achieved through action. We are seeing an increase in bullying in many forms, and we as a collective must find the courage to speak up against such practices. The responsibility lies with all of us to show love for one another and

I had the opportunity to meet with Cecil Rast, and his colleagues from Youth Unlimited in Surrey. It was a truly an inspiring conversation full of passion, commitment and kindness. I hope to support and bring more awareness about this wonderful org

Today I met with residents in Gravenhurst to discuss the upcoming federal election. I want to know what is important to you! I want to earn your vote by addressing your concerns head on, and providing you with a platform you can vote for! #meetandgre

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