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POSSIBLE F1/F2 SPOILER This UNVERIFIED tea is brought to you by Reddit ️️ • If you were Tyler, would you take Hannah back after #jedgate or would you move on???

  • NO...she should rather go back to Luke P...Don't mess with Tyler's head...he deserves better.

  • @reematigga_ds Tyler deserves the world 😭 I completely agree!!

‼️UNVERIFIED TEA ON JED WYATT‼️ • if this is true... he ain’t slick • Is Jed single? Is he cheating on Hannah? • IF YOU HAVE INTEL LMK • Sound off below on your thoughts about #jedgate

UNVERIFIED TEA ON JED • • Receipts via Reddit • Alleged more questionable behavior with women from Jed. THAT AND since it’s spoiled he’s engaged to Hannah, he’s been hitting on girls post show. Is he cheating? Is he single? ANYONE WITH VERIFICATION



We had a blast last night having cocktails with @dustinbkendrick from ABC’s The Bachelorette, celebrating a good cause, @fureverrescue. Dustin, if it doesn’t work out with @alabamahannah our Matchmakers have some eligible ladies in mind.

  • He seems so genuine!!! Love it!!! If you are a super fan, you should check out my ridiculous yet still bestselling Bachelor Coloring Books on Etsy! All the best to you.

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with all of the drama I’m honestly just hoping hannah comes out of his with a a clear mind and ends up being happy - with or without someone. (as long as it’s not jed... and regardless of how much I want it to be tyler 🥺 she’s still my girl) @alabama

Let’s throw it back to when Jed said he told Hannah the FULL truth shall we ️🤔 (June 4th post date) obvi wasn’t ...

  • We see tidbits of conversation. He may have been honest about everything . And we haven't heard his side yet so I'm gonna hold off on my judgement. Think about the Tayshia situation. When she was able to tell her side everyone stopped hating. Jed atleast deserves the same chance

  • @bcmaze35 I respect that! I look forward to him speaking out. Just this aligns with him coming on for fame and think Hannah should hold him to The same standard she held Scott to🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️



| geekd up ended the lukeness monster in 0.002 seconds :)) ac erikasesiting cc me -katelyn (hello this is my first post)

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The Bachelorette S15E05 Review Yeah. We gonna review this. 1 week late, but in the process of catching up. First off, I really start to lose motivations for the show after they send John Paul Jones home. I just don’t get Hannah has like no feeling fo

This week we go DEEP. I break down the dynamics behind the decisions Hannah is making because things are starting to get interesting. We are beginning to see that Hannah has potentially eroticized her own wounds from her past hurts, and these hurts a



Anyone else feel like this watching last nights episode? Yeah US TOO! I know it’s been a hot second but our new episode is up NOW! Link in bio! Don’t forget to share and subscribe! 🥂🥂🥂🥂

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hannah, baby, what were you thinking? . -im gonna be the one who loves him all the time -cc vscoloring ib mazouxfilms dt fellow tyler protectors

this is heartbreaking to look at, reality steve is playing with our emotions

  • @hoperobinson_2_19_15 I don’t think so either. And Tyler is allll over her instagram posts

  • Guy and gals we really don’t know how it will turn out there’s got to drama of course! They also said that Luke S was going to be the Bachelor! And now he is doing the BIP. So I am not going to believe nothing they say anymore!!

JUST IN: Jed’s ex-girlfriend says they were dating when he went on the show. She also confirmed that the reason he went on the show, was to gain fame for his music career. We will post more details as they come in. Let us know what you guys think? ⬇️

  • @unicornpeacetea yes and that's what's hurt!! Hurt me of course.. even if they together in the long run I think he's going to regret it am just saying 🤷‍♀️

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