โ€˜s post ห–โ—› dear sebby, i love u so so much and all i wish for is to be able to tell you that so many other people do too. you are loved, respected and inspirational. it hurts me so much to know that at one point in your life youโ€™ve hated your beauti

  • @stevey.exe ๐Ÿ˜ณiโ€™m honoured

  • @stevey.exe THANK YOU SO MUCHHDJSJDJS IM ๐Ÿฅบ๐Ÿฅบ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’˜๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’˜๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’ž

happy (v late) bday sebastian stan!! I love you so much send tweet ----------โŽŠโ€Ž---------- ac : anakingroundwalker on soundcloud oc: overlays4editing dt : the one and only sebastian stan song : toothbrush- dnce ----------โŽŠโ€Ž---------- hey guys!! So t

Thereโ€™s nothing more insta goals worthy than seb in a Tiara with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth...and could he be any hotter @imsebastianstan on the set of Endings, Beginnings earlier this year! (Credit to @shailenewoodley IG story ) * * * #sh

  • @sebstan_fanatic i hope so. It looks like a casual photo

  • @stileshalenski it was taken on set while he was filming Endings , Beginnings. I wouldnโ€™t worry about it

Shailene Woodley postou em seus Stories do Instagram parabenizando os amigos que fizeram aniversรกrio dentre eles o Sebastian. "Feliz Aniversรกrio para todos os meus Leo's. Vocรชs trazem o . E, eu amo muito vocรชs" #happybirthdaysebastianstan #sebastians

happy belated birthday to my boy, sebastian! ___ also yep, I used the sketch effect from picsart because I thought it was cool

  • #happybirthdaysebastianstan #sebastianstan #sebastianstanedit #sebastianstanedits #sebstan #marvel #photoedit #photoedits #edits #edit #graphicedit #graphicedits

I made this in honor of Sebastianโ€™s birthday, which was August 13th so Iโ€™m a little behind. Oh well ๐Ÿคทโ€๏ธ - Happy Birthday to one of my favorite actors. Thank you for bringing characters to life for us, we appreciate you so much. @imsebastianstan โ€ข โ€ข โ€ข

's here. |August 15th, 2019 - 3:18pm| . His smile is the purest. Psychology stated, when we smile and wrinkles around our eyes appears, it means it is the most sincere smile . . . Hmm.. thinking on starting a theme. #sebastianstan #happybirthdayseba

Legendamos o vรญdeo que o Sebastian postou ontem em seu Instagram agradecendo aos fรฃs por todo o carinho e amor que tiveram no aniversรกrio dele juntamente com seu amigo Tone que faz aniversรกrio no mesmo dia que ele. #sebastianstan #tone #happybirthday

happy late bday to the love of my life ๐Ÿค™ for seb and nidavellir dumbasses mwah ac drizzyaudios #luvuriasseb yes i just changed the clips on the second loop, it aint much but itโ€™s honest work

(late) birthday boi ac wavture 1 sc navvxi ec aucsia kinda gave up at the end but yea

Aaand happy *coffBelatedCoff* birthday to @imsebastianstan the cutest Winter Soldier/Bucky Barnes of all time. i choose my favourite quote by Bucky from "Captain America: the first Avengers" uu ps: Don't ask me about endgame, my Bucky pop is still

happy birthday , seb for , jazz , mitt , bella , amani , ava , lizzie , klara and misty .

happy belated birthday to the cutest, most kindest potato ever ๐Ÿฅบ ily lots seb ac drizzyaudios | cc obrienphy

[you are unforgettable] Happy Birthday to the love of my life Sebastian Stan ๐Ÿฅณ๐Ÿง (sorry itโ€™s late) thank you so much for everything you do your smile literally makes the world brighter, I love you

{Please Read} All day I've been seeing beautiful and meaningful edits for Sebastian's birthday and then I see my own message and Iโ€“ I guess I can compare it to trash for a nice way to say it. For that, I gotta confess. I've been feeling sad and dis

  • Hope you're doing better. But consider this also. If you have kids or have seen people with their little ones, they're always making a giant fuss over whatever the kids make for them or give them. Its not because those things are perfect-its because their kids love them and want to make them happy with something, even if that something is a rock. We always want our gifts to be perfect, forgetting that wanting to give someone something to make them happy is the real gift.

  • @halelmj I am feeling better, thanks. I'll hold on to that consider

happy birthday to the most amazing and talented actor ever! people should really start appreciating MY MAN @imsebastianstan ! te iubesc, eศ™ti dragostea vieศ›ii mele. (be proud seb, im learning some romanian phrases just for you) #vsco #vscocam #vscogo

HAPPY (belated ) BIRTHDAY TO THE MAN, THE LEGEND, THE ONE AND ONLY SEBASTIAN STAN ๏ธ๏ธ๏ธ - FOLLOW for more daily content! - Like, comment, and share for more posts. - - - #sebastianstan #happybirthday #sebbystan #sebbystanfan #sexyseabass #wintersoldier

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I know Iโ€™m extremely late but I started school a few days ago and theyโ€™ve given me lots of homework and Iโ€™m just stressedโ€”but thatโ€™s beside the point although I am truly sorry for posting late ~โ€ขHappy birthday to one of the most adorable and kindest

  • Sorry for ranting. Enjoy these pictures of Sebastian being a cute dork๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ’–

Before the day is over, I have to wish the wonderful @imsebastianstan a very HAPPY 37TH BIRTHDAY!!! ๐Ÿฆ You are such a beacon of light to the world. Youโ€™re ever so kind, genuine, generous, caring, humorous and sweet. Youโ€™re a man of strength on all lev

โ€”โ€˜๐˜€ ๐—ฒ๐—ฑ๐—ถ๐˜ใ€Œ ๐™๐™–๐™ฅ๐™ฅ๐™ฎ ๐™—๐™ž๐™ง๐™ฉ๐™๐™™๐™–๐™ฎ ๐™จ๐™š๐™—๐™–๐™จ๐™ฉ๐™ž๐™–๐™ฃ ๐™จ๐™ฉ๐™–๐™ฃ! ใ€ - i just found out it was @imsebastianstan birthday and i hate that i didnโ€™t post this earlier but happy late birthday! i hope this is good, i wanted to get it out asap. - แƒฆ| ๐˜๐—ต๐—ฒ๐—บ๐—ฒ ๐—ฐ๐—ฟ๐—ฒ๐—ฑ๐—ถ๐˜: 411 (๐—ณ๐—ผ๐—ฟ ๐—ถ๐—ป๐˜€๐˜๐—ฎ ๐˜‚๐˜€

[august 13th, 1982] happy 37th birthday to this potato and space nerd. thank you for being the legend you are, the amazing actor, the total dork, kind heart, inspiration, real-life hero and you've helped all of your fans in every single way possible

  • @maddyart88 4 seasons - rex orange country โ™ฅ๏ธ

  • the talent ... youve got to be kidding me omg

Happy Birthday to the brightest person, millions wish to hug you and meet you. You help so many people and your a major puppy dog. There's not much to say about this wonderful man, he's the sweetest and the cutest human being. #happybirthdaysebastia

There's still 20 minutes left of the 13th where I live, so...happy birthday again to this sunshine. I have no talents nor am I artistic enough to make an edit or even a collage or anything, but I just wanna say (again) how much this man means to me;

๐šŠ๐šž๐š๐šž๐šœ๐š ๐Ÿท๐Ÿน, ๐Ÿท๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿธ - sebastian, i donโ€™t have enough words to describe you. you are so amazing, and have gotten me through so much in my life, and i am forever grateful. you are so talented, kind, joyful, unapologetically yourself, and so pure. i love y

  • happy birthday him ๐Ÿ˜ญ even tho im a day late

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SEBASTIAN Cr: @mxltivoidz - go follow-

  • hey ! i drew art with Captain Marvel, so could you please check my artworks and tell me your opinion? (u can see different Marvel arts) and please,i donโ€™t ask you about following or liking, just your opinion

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY SEBASTIAN (๏พ‰โ—•ใƒฎโ—•)๏พ‰*. - not in a million years did i imagine id be stanning someone so hard. hes such an inspirational person and hes so funny and kind and sweet and im proud of him for being so open about mental health and i love that h

  • i love him so so so damn much and this edit only makes me love him more

  • what a beautiful soul

it's finally 13th august for me. this man turns 37 today. 37! i can't believe he was 33 when i saw him for the first time :) for the last 4 years, i couldn't meet him but this year, i will do my everything to meet him and tell him how much i love him

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