Porque me miraste a los ojos y yo cedí, noté ese detalle en tu pupila que brilla, aquel que provocó una expresión de ignorancia en mi rostro, esa sonrisa que transmite tantas cosas y a la vez no dice nada, que al recordarla me hace sonreír a mí... .

Me masturbas el alma a dos manos —cómo no voy a creerme que tus dedos me esconden—, me pones de espaldas y te dejas entera dentro de mí —así pasa ahora, que te llevo a todas partes—, te vuelves algo así como un animal salvaje pero tierno, con esa las

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Sean’s Mom’s Birthday Bash was a Smash. It was a big one in all connotations of the word; a room full of jokers, friends. A robust family she has led being led, we celebrated this fine woman this past fine, crisp, blue St. Paddy’s afternoon anything

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This is a few months old but I just stumbled upon it. This shit is getting ridiculous 🤦‍️ #infowars #trump #maga #freealexjones #alexjones #libtards #america #he #she

  • Hey, just wondering if its alright to repost some of your stuff on my page.Im from Canada and wanna educate my Canadian followers in politics. I can tag/credit you if you want

  • @conservative_leaf yeah that's completely fine with me! My goal is to just reach as many people as possible so go right ahead ❤️

E se eu passar pelo VALE, acharei conforto em teu amor, pois eu sei que és AQUELE que me guarda , me guardas ....É meu escudo minha fortaleza , o toque mais puro o AMOR mais seguro do mundo .Em teus braços é o meu descanso... em teus braços é o meu

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like in the old times when we were friends we used to talk under the stars and singing and dancing around drunk with the alcohol in our veins those were good times and when and why all changed?

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You guys... All I wanted from my Babe was love, faithfulness, loyalty, some down ass ride or die shit. Don't have us looking a fool. Some Babies. Sometimes some breakfast, lunch & dinner all in one day. Okay.., I get it. I ask for TOO MUCH shit.

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