‌ امروز روز جهانی عکاسیه اگه یه دوربین عکاسی داشتی و فقط باهاش میتونستی یک فریم عکس بگیری از چی عکس میگرفتی؟🧐 ‌ ‌ ----------------------------- ‌ ‌ #pemina #worldphotographyday #lefthandersday #پیتزاپمینا #پمينا_كاله #عکاسی #روز_جهانی_عکاسی

Winners! Winners! Winners! Congratulations to Steven Spiller who won both categories for the males! Steven did 126 high left handed medicine ball throws, and 60 single left legged squats! And big congratulations to Maddy Evans who completed 25 medici

I swear there’s a day for everything these days. I missed #lefthandersday (and my leftorium discount) and French fry appreciation day, but I won’t miss a tribute to myself and all aspects of me on #butchappreciationday ! No lengthy stuff here but sim

  • @alejaibra and to think a teacher tried to make me a righty but it wasn’t meant to be! We’re one of a kind!🙌🏿

  • I'm mostly left handed too but you probably remember that from high school. #lefthandersunite

Happy Belated Left Handers Day! I know I’m 4 days late...but I’m old lol! This is a self portrait, the resemblance is uncanny don’t you think?How many crazy left handed folks like Granny do we got out there? Oh hell, who cares...how many crazy muther

  • @spelsyngrr haha not really ...we can skip that 😜

  • @granny4barrel Thank you. 🔥👏🙌.

Forgot to post about my favorite leftie on #lefthandersday . She’s also one of my besties who has had my back since Sophomore year in high school when we started becoming besties. Not only is she smart and beautiful, but she’s also one of the sweetest

MERDEKA ! . definisi merdeka menurut saya adalah bebas melakukan hal yg saya suka tanpa ada prasangka negatif dari makhluk lain, bebas memilih tangan mana yg akan melakukan kegiatan saya serta bebas melakukan pergerakan sesuai kebutuhan dan tentu nya

  • Tangan kanan maupun kiri itu baik. Yg gg baik kalo pakek kaki😌

  • @rahmaelma97 betull 👏

Dirgahayu Republik Indonesia 🇮🇩 . . . Mager bat dh aku Sekalian, met Hari Kidal Internasional (13 Agustus) . . . Yeay ada perayaannya juga buat orang kidal, gpp lah telat yg penting HUT RI ga lupa yak . . . Lagi mager ngetag ato apalah itu, pokoknya

There are a half of my family is left-handers and still wondering why the world makes us different... Right now, I need a left-handed shooter

  • @yenngoc.np nhìn có yêu liền ko?! 😏

  • yayyy cheers for the left-handedd 😍😍

Yay! Just for #lefties !! It’s amazing how well a lefty learns to use their right hand (and foot...former soccer player), but these feel so natural. They’re fantastic as I can finally see the cut line unobstructed. Thank you @tim_holtz and @tonicstud

  • OMG...Sooooo Awesome!! I have the same problem and these are great!!

  • Yes! I need these! There’s a new media glass for lefties too!

BW SUMMER PHOTO CONTEST...Duncan Stangel, incoming 8th grader, celebrated National Left Handers Day on August 13! Duncan you are in good company. Some famous left handed celebrities include Oprah Winfrey, Keanu Reeves, Tom Cruise, Matthew Broderick,

La Bruja The Witch Série des Dessins Gauches, au feutre alcool. When life’s too green release the witch @furiosaart #art #arte #drawing #draw #dibujo #illustration #dessin #lefthandersday #green #greenisgood #witch #witchyvibes #witchcraft #oniri

  • Celui ci je l’adore... la couleur sans doute, mais aussi cette moitié mystérieuse et sympathique en même temps... la beauté mi ange mi démon qui me séduit💚💚💚

  • @ubibene_6 merci !!

Forgot to post this on Left-hander's Day! Grrr...lol. Evidence suggests that Lefties are "crazier" than Righties. I did a really short and sweet podcast on my Causes or Cures #podcast explaining why this is true. And yes, I'm a Leftie! You can list

If anyone sees circulation manager Martin at the Owings Mills Branch, will you please tell him that we’re sorry for neglecting to post his Left Handers Day boomerang? Maybe tell him that’s he’s awesome or something else complimentary so he’ll forgive

I always miss this date. (13 August) Happy left handersday to me and all of left handers friends ▫️ Close your eyes, make a wish. Blow out the candles, eat all the cake on the dish. ▫️ ▫️▪️▫️ ▫️ Dünya "Solaklar Günü" kutlu olsun, bana ve tüm solak

Totally missed International left handers day on 13th of August and due to boat issues haven't used any hands for drawing or painting for a week. But being left handed is my personal superpower so happy left handed day (belated) everyone here's a lit

  • @fernfloatingfineart @lekkerspelenwasbezet ik zie een nieuwe shirtje!! 🐶🐭

  • @vrolijkmandy nieuw shirt? waar?😀😀

ⓦⓔⓡⓑⓤⓝⓖ Linkshänder werden ja oft Fragen gestellt, die uns Rechtshändern nicht gestellt aber IMMER von uns Rechtshändern gefragt werden, wenn wir merken, dass derjenige ein Linkshänder ist. Unsere liebe Anne ist auch eine dieser Linkshänderinnen und

  • @leftie56 our dear Anne is a lefti👯

  • @bonvenon.underwear so nice. How old? Are you and she total lefties?

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