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Vi vi vijanaa Tuache mihadarati and after kuacha Mihadarati sisi wote tushukuru Mungu kwa siku nyingine leo tulisema; I lift you higher. Be blessed familia yangu. Tusichoke kubadilisha na kuelimisha our society. https://youtu.be/1j1m1zUYkts Sms Skiz

Have you ever wondered about The workings of the divine How it weaves and whirls, How it strands your spirit in feathered significance? How it meets you on mountain tops, And likens your face to the brightest star, You hear it whisper on the wind O

Aktuell in der galerie eyegenart: Katja Richter Art Die ausgestellten Arbeiten von Katja Richter tragen ihren Titel „Kraftwerke“ im doppelten Sinne. Zum einen zeigen sie jene Kraftwerke, zum anderen sind sie die kraftvollen Werke einer Künstlerin,


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Have you ever visited Loch Ness or the ruins of Urquhart Castle? I was lucky enough to be there on an exceptionally still morning. The loch was a mirror. The peace and tranquility was stunning. And I just have a thing for history, architecture and ru

Time Out London's "most inspiring pop-up" is back and this year we're celebrating the food, history and culture of the Philippines. ⠀ ⠀ Join us on #peaceday at @flatironsquare_ to learn about and support Filipino peacebuilders. Book your place at htt

"DIO REGNA ANCORA" 20 AGOSTO 2019 - ▶️ “Il Signore sedeva sovrano sul diluvio”. È una espressione insolita di cui cercheremo di comprendere il significato. Il gesto di sedere su un trono pone l’accento sull’autorità di un sovrano che, mostrandosi in

So many times we are looking outwards and waiting for miracles to happen to us ... yet we so easily dismiss our own inner beauty underestimating our own strengths & abilities to create !! Life is not merely happening to us .. we are creating ourselve

Long time without posting about food, this time I feel so blessed because I’m in Greece in the village sharing with my boyfriend’s friends/family and learning a lot about the environment. Today my breakfast is based on real greek yogurt with 2% fat a

LA Phil is my most favorite symphony orchestra and then it's the SFO one. It was a pleasure to be a part of a lecture and interview of the conductor Xian Zhang and then seeing her conduct Chen Yi, Tchaikovsky and Prokofiev. She is so talented and suc

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