What do you mean this isn’t the newest hair trend?! . Two times a year I really go all in with me time. I get my hair done, nails done, replace some of my cheap make up with the good stuff. I really invest in myself. . As a mom it’s hard to spend m

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  • @mrsjbaddeley must be a Jess thing!!

O N E - T O - O N E | At BBANC our bespoke 1:1 package offers you the opportunity to surround yourself with people who bring you good vibes, sharing honest and practical evidence-based information, so that you feel prepared and empowered. You’ve got

Leftover salmon and brocoli crustless quiche for tomorrows lunch with salad #slimfor2019 #slimmingworld #slimmingworldjourney #slimmingworldpembury #slimmingworldinsta #weightloss #weightlossjourney #sw #swuk #onplan #backonit #lunch #goals #motivate

  • That looks like a yummy dinner ! Was it on SW? If you want any food inspo we post all our recipes and use mainly Aldi ingredients xx

  • @girlcooksboybakes thankyou, yes slimming world, but this is actually a pinch of Nom recipe 👍 xx



The power of food prep! I'm up north again for work today so needed to prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner again! I had cherry overnight oats for breakfast, leftover homemade chow mein for lunch and for dinner, I prepared this quick salad. My morning

  • Meal prep 🔑 You must be up at the crack of dawn 🌅 Well done 👍



We believe that preparation is key in order to ensure that patients receive the highest quality treatment and care. Here you can see one of our nurses, Manuela, all set up for her next patient. I’m pleased to report that the treatment went like clock

L O N G • A N S W E R • Q U E S T I O N S⠀⠀ The final section to write about is improvements. This can be linked into weakness but you must make it very clear that it is an improvement. ⠀⠀ For example, "to improve this storyboard I would add timings

WELLNESS WEDNESDAY RECIPE 〰️ 🥚 EGGY MUFFINS🥚 〰️ 8 eggs 1/4 cup almond milk 2 spring onions 1 small clove garlic 4 rashes bacon (omit if veggie/vegan) A big punch of sea salt A few cracks of pepper Any veggies you have to hand. I used a small handful

Hangry prevention! ⁣ ⁣ Pumpkin bran muffin and cheese! ⁣ ⁣ Don't let your day get away from you without stopping to honour that hunger! ⁣ ⁣ Best fuel = Protein + carbs⁣ ⁣ Do you need help with practical snack ideas to keep you fueled throughout the d

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L O N G • A N S W E R • Q U E S T I O N S⠀⠀ The next paragraph should be an assessment of the weaknesses of the the document. This should be in PET paragraphs.⠀⠀ For example, "There are timings on some scenes but not all. This would lead to confusion



L O N G • A N S W E R • Q U E S T I O N⠀⠀ The second paragraph should be an assessment of the strengths using PET paragraphs.⠀⠀ For example, "the storyboard contains scene numbers. This is good as it helps the camera crew understand the order of the

Does your hair need some TLC ... Hair after the winter months can be worn out due to over use of hair straighteners & heat , even with our central heating & car heat , dries your scalp & hair out , investing in hair is key to achieving your desired c

A recent repair / replace made at the @chateaudeversailles. Please, may I do the next repairs? . This is hardly doing justice to the old floor. • #schleifkunst #gulvslibning #gulvslibningsjælland #gulvslibninghillerød #nordsjælland #gulvslibningkøben

  • Lovely

  • I see your work and I know you got what it takes. Keep up good work. This would be me at any building. I'll be looking at stuff no one notices.

These filters are ridiculous #blacklivesmatter #healthcareforall #blackwomeninmedicine #berniesanders #healthcare #snapchatfilter #snapchat #funny #funnymemes #reaction #gofundme #donations #boston #georgia #newengland #thyroidcancer #cancerfund #pr

  • Welcome to Georgia, Gudauri. You are welcomed by the extreme company Skytlantis. Flying and jumping in tandem with the pilot. Thanks for the subscription, you expect a discount of 2-10%! More in PM or WhatsApp +99 555 13 55 000

Time for a pamper ‍️ always feel better with fresh hair....that little biscoff is calling me #slimmingworldweighday #slimmingworldreality #slimmingworldreallife #slimmingworld #slimmingworlduk #slimmingworldscotland #slimmingworldfamily #slimmingwor

  • I bought some Biscoff spread in a jar. I don’t know why, I know it’s naughty. I just stick my finger in it once a week 😆

  • @swjourney_helen 😂😂😂 I would eat the whole bloody jar lol

Are you a procrastinator? 🤭 (secret: everyone procrastinates.) 🤭 The key to combatting procrastination? Take a hard look at WHY you're doing it in the first place ... 🤭 The main causes of STUDYING procrastination I see with my students are: 1)

#lunch ! if you like coronation chicken then give this @pinchofnom recipe a go from their new cookbook! It’s well nice and not a syn used! I’ve made two portions so I’m having the rest with savoury rice and salad for tomorrow’s lunch! #foodprep #orga

Yay!!!!! I was well scared of getting weighed this morning as didn’t want to be disappointed! Interesting as I’ve allowed myself two B choices each day on top of my 15 syns and it’s given me a good loss! Think it’s cos I feel more satisfied and so th



Preparation is key when starting your own business If you’re prepared for the worst, you’ll stand a much better chance of succeeding through the rollercoaster of running a business #preparationiskey

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Heartburn is a killer during pregnancy and something I suffered with a lot especially Jess who had the thickest head of hair! I found eating small and often helped, that drinking aloe Vera helped (it’s alkaline so reduces acid content plus healthy a

  • I had 4 kids with full heads of hair and didn’t ever have the slightest bit of heartburn xx

  • @kutowaroodevina

Preparation is the key; today’s lunch and snacks all packed up and ready to go. Tuna, pasta and sweet corn salad, 5SP, mini breadsticks, 2SP, salad with egg and fruit, both 0SP.

PREPARATION IS KEY A few of you voted that you wanted to know what was in my bag and how i am prepared/ organised for my workouts. So here it is! My first picture is my daily essentials, always in my bag, everyday. You are more then welcome to ask

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Cy-Fair EYBL Elite’s Class Of 2020 6’0” Wing Skylar Vann had a great showing @ The Battle In H-Town especially in the championship game vs CY-FAIR Premier. She rebounding, making great moves around the rim and came up with some great steals to help h

⠀ OVERSIZE? Need Pilot Vehicles? We have got your back! @megaheavyhaulage travels Australia Wide, whether you need one or more for your Over Dimensional Loads, Mega Heavy Haulage will safely escort your over-sized load to its destination. We have got

  • У нас опрос, как вы считаете сейчас более популярна учеба в России и СНГ или заграницей?

Early start with my little one tomorrow. He’s often a bit grumpy in the mornings when we are in a rush (aren’t we all) so I always lay out three things the night before... my cup of coffee, a fruit and veggie pouch and a toy to entertain him while th

  • Hi...I love your feed. Feel that you are perfectly aligned with the mission that I am a part of. Send a message to know more.



Summer vacation is right around the corner for us, and with that comes lots of transitions. Bedtimes, wake-up times, where we go each day, screen time, reading time, camps, vacations, food, friends, family...all of it contains some element of change.

Tooth Fairy duties...mustn’t forget! __ Isabelle came home from school today with a very important envelope...containing the tooth that she’s been soooooo desperate to lose! So operation tooth fairy is now in full swing! __ To be honest, the tooth

It is back-to-school after the long weekend ...which means back to making school lunches.⁣ ⁣ Here is a snapshot of one of my kiddo's lunch for some inspiration. ⁣ ⁣ Lol, I'll see what comes home uneaten. ⁣ ⁣ Looking for more support regarding kids lu

Super stoked for this journey! Epicness and excitement despite the overwhelming stage right now lol

  • @verbal.war my goal still remains to open a physical earths_divinity location

  • @adeptself9 that would awesome and definitely something I could support

£5 off of all treatment for anyone participating in the @one_and_all_games taking place on the 25th and 26th of May. If you are missing some range or depth, feeling an ache or nursing an injury then get come on in and let’s get it worked out. With on

Normal living involves allowing a day to happen to you. This reactionary mode of living causes you to have to respond and to adjust your day based on what happens around you. Alternatively, you can consciously shift from being reactive to proactive b



Yes, I am biased. I admit it. Two tones of stain on a deck and fence is attractive and really helps highlight an otherwise boring section of decking and fencing and also serves to camouflage a small “pool-pump” at the same time. #decking #decks #wood

Preparation is so key! If I get home from the school run and there’s no breakfast prepared, it’s downhill from there! I already know I’ll have a full day on plan today because I was prepared. Physically but also mentally! Let’s do this! #breakfast #s

EURUSD Daily Supply & Demand chart. Price continues to weaken as we now find ourselves back in a retested long term holding Demand area. I’m looking for 1.102 - 1.083 based on my Weekly chart so would like this daily Demand to breach. All trades mana

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