Let the “Road to Endgame” continue!

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  • I am Groot 🌴

[#roadtoendgame ] Black Panther ▶Año: 2018 ▶Director: Ryan Coogler ("Creed") ▶Reparto: Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan, Danai Gurira, Lupita Nyong'o, Leititia Wright, Martin Freeman. ▶Plot: Luego de la muerte de su padre, T'Challa deberá asumir su

Black Panther [#roadtoendgame ] Wakanda... Para el resto del mundo un país que se dedica a la agricultura ¿ Que son en realidad ? El país más avanzado del mundo. Después de la muerte del rey T'Chaka en Civil War su hijo T'Challa tendrá que tomar el t

  • La historia de Black Panther es buena pero se pone mejor a la mitad de está. Puntuación ( Rocky's 🐾 ): 8.5/10🐾

#roadtoendgame Black Panther (2/2) Entonces vemos a Killmonger matar a Klaw y revelar que quiere ir a Wakanda, entonces va y cuando llega pude un duelo por el trono, y como es de la familia real, lo aceptan. Y vuelven a hacer el ritual y todo, per

#roadtoendgame 2017-18 Black Panther (1/2) lo viste en Civil War, ahora velo tener sus propias aventuras en su propia película donde conoceremos los secretos de WAKANDA. Hace muchísimos años atras cayó un meteorito en un lugar de Africa y al reded

The only way to protect your pops from those unworthy...

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The Road To Endgame EXTRA: The Defenders Will Return?: Okay, so I’ve reviewed each season of the Marvel/Netflix shows, so this only begs the question. What do I think is going to happen with each of these characters? In all honesty, the people workin

Road To Endgame: Thor: Ragnarok (2017). . . @dailyfilm.ig just posted their review of Thor: Ragnarok & it's definitely one you need to check out. As usual, I'm here with some fun facts about a film that benefits from the added dose of humor that allo

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  • I might be the real softy here but I really like characters like Korg... ☺️☺️☺️

Iron Man 3 is a good close to the Iron Man trilogy that features a good story from Shane Black that fixes the mistakes of the second film but still doesn’t rise to the greatness of the first film. Robert Downey Jr. is once again in fine form as Tony

  • That’s some cool comic stuff you’ve got there. I myself is a big fan of marvel, and makes tons of fanart related to marvel, Would very much appreciate it if you could take a look at my page, and maybe consider following me☺️

  • Really enjoyed this

For the lead up to Endgame, I'm rewatching every MCU movie, so I thought why not make a tiny MOC for every movie! This is the sixteenth episode of my 'Road To Endgame' series that I will be doing on my YouTube channel. Every day until Endgame I will

Road to Endgame 9: Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) Después del fracaso de Thor: The Dark World llega, en lo personal, mi favorita del UCM. Cada personaje tiene su propia construcción, una motivación bien marcada y una personalidad que te dejará rond

Marvel month gonna also squeeze in #homecoming before I watch thrones and maybe another #gotg design I’ll share the one I just did very soon . . . . Stay up to date with my content - www.thisepisodeisabout.com also graphic design projects on @teepubl

THOR RAGNAROK - CRITIQUE #roadtoendgame Salut ! Aujourd'hui on parle de THOR Ragnarok MON AVIS : C'est clairement le meilleur film sur THOR ! Le film est très drôle ! Et taiki waititi a clairement fait un taf de ouf ! Le film prend beaucoup de ris

Battle in New York. Cull Obsidian and Ebony Maw came to take the Time Stone from Strange. This led to a battle. Spider-Man joined, Strange was taken, which led to Stark and Parker going into space on a rescue mission. #roadtoendgame #mcu #infinitywar

Doctor Strange - I feel all of the more niche character entries into the MCU have been a success and Doctor Strange is included. Our introduction into the mystical arts is one hell of a trip, and although Kycillius is probably one of the weaker villa

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Thor Ragnarok (2017)Loki: I can’t see into the future. I’m not a witch. Thor: No? Then why do you dress like one? Plagued by visions of Ragnarok -- that is, the death of the gods and the end of Asgard -- Thor returns to Asgard to discover, Loki imper

  • رد الفولو ياحلو ♥ متفاعل

Thor, per l'ultima volta: no! Non sono il coniglietto pasquale! E dovremmo tornare a pensare al nostro piano: ti ricordo che abbiamo ancora soltanto 3 giorni. #roadtoendgame

Após a morte do rei T'Chaka (John Kani), o príncipe T'Challa (Chadwick Boseman) retorna a Wakanda para a cerimônia de coroação, tendo que se dividir entre ser o rei para seu povo e o Pantera Negra. ⠀ O diretor Ryan Coogler (Creed/ Fruitvale Station)

For the lead up to Endgame, I'm rewatching every MCU movie, so I thought why not make a tiny MOC for every movie! This is the fifteenth episode of my 'Road To Endgame' series that I will be doing on my YouTube channel. Every day until Endgame I will

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RANKING Top 10 Avengers: Infinity War Moments You might be wondering, why? Well, I wanted to do a top 10 MCU moments (coming on Tuesday), but since Infinity War has so many great moments, I decided to give it its own ranking. I'll be posting each m

Alright here it is, I thought of posting this since after today I will be inactive and by the time I’m active next week I’ll have seen Endgame, I do trust @therussobrothers to accomplish most of these if not all, I’m pretty nervous to see if the movi

|English below| - #roadtoendgame19 Tag 21: Cameo - Ach ich hab die Cameos von Stan Lee immer so geliebt mein liebster Cameo ist wahrscheinlich der in Civil War als er Tony Stark Mr. Stank nennt Wer wird Stan Lees Cameos auchso sehr vermissen? Und leu

  • Total!!! Stan Lee wird so fehlen 💔 der Spidey Funko ist ja ultra süß 😍😍 besitze auch einige Funkos die ich über alles liebe und es werden ständig mehr 😂

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