At Monday‘s City Commission meeting, we recognized some of our employees who reached tenure milestones! This group has a combined total of 55 years with the City of Hobbs! We are grateful to you each for your commitment and hard work in public servi



Horses getting fat on their summer holibobs. Dr Grass doing it’s magic. Lucky horses & very well deserved. This photo is copyright as haven’t managed to hobble up to the top of the farm on my crutches yet! ... maybe next week 🤞#teamhobbs #springsunsh





These ladies Thank you so much for being the best maid of honour and bridesmaid!! You both looked absolutely stunning and I love you both always 🥂️ #bridesmaids #maidofhonor #bride #bridesmaiddress #bridetribe #hobbswedding #teamhobbs #weddingday #m

  • Thank you so much for having us be a part of your big day ❤️ love you x

  • You couldn't have picked two lovelier girls to have been your bridesmaids x

Do u see what I see? Or do.i see what you see ? Some thoughts running through ones head at 4.40am afyer been woken up by the ridiculously strong winds! #madhead #thoughts #stayinbedorgetup #dreams #teamhobbs

  • Hello, that is a wonderful image! Please subscribe to @ alex derale. He helped me to find my dreams and goals. I linked him in my profil. Thumbs up! 😻

  • @rachel.mayora no thanks Rachel. Appreciate the lovely comment tho

Love fridays , especially when all my podcasting equipment arrives.... really looking forward to podcasting, with weekly guests and monthly relocation pod casts. We are going to be talking everything health, fitness, wellbeing, me tal health, suicid



So what do you typically do when your gettingbtonthat stage of boredom as you have a total mental creative block??? Well I just decided to sign up for another course. International dip in nutrition.... as you do. I hope this will unlock my creative t

The secret to your future is hidden in your daily habits 🥇 Ask yourself: What are you really working towards? You want to lose weight, you want to make more money, you want to overcome your fears....but what are you doing daily to achieve those goals

  • Your page is lovely , I have a business proposition for you ! If you are interested just give it a shot by sending me a dm 🤝

  • ✅I love this share👏

go raibh maith agat. A very good day of meetings in cork. Tomorrow is going to be even better, big day for tech tomorrow. Slightly nervous as I have been working 2 years on this . With the powers to be and faith,I have no doubt. Trust in something b

  • Great tech! Check my bio for a free fidget spinner! ߷߷

Kids are in bed, watching my fav program Hawaii 5 O , then a night of finalising my prep material for 2 big bays ahead. 4 meetings in the next 2 days in cork. Just sharing my unconditional gratitude to you all, wishing you all a massive week ahead. #

Lots done so.far today, lots for Monday and Tuesdays meetings. Really looking forward to presenting "real wellness" to a multinational client in cork. Looking forward to the weekend of prep and gym workouts and swimming with my 2 princesses. #

Theres a difference between being busy, and being productive 🥇 Haven’t been very active online much but that doesn’t mean my team and I haven’t been working. Big goals this year, focused on them, and in every aspect to my life I’m actively working on

Came across this affirmation this morning. Resonates to the true inner strength we all need to be ourselves, every day, every week, every month and every year ... stay true to yourself, dont settle for average when you can be great. Let the world see

Success comes from a combination of faith and patience... and you need both. It’s taken months and months of patience and hard work and consistency and food to finally build some density and fullness in my arms. Still a long ways to go but 2019 has

  • Awesome!

  • This guys a beast‼️ 💪🏽🔥🔥🔥



I haven’t posted in a hot minute and I haven’t flat benches or trained for strength in even longer. Crazy how volume training can still make strength gains. Here’s to an incredible 2019 season and a new all time bench PR 405lbs at 240lbs Stay Stron

  • Hey @estrada_fitness you really should go lower to protect your rotator cuff. Form is bad just a heads up I hurt my shoulders like that i don’t want anyone else to have the same issue. Neck up shoulders back always remember @kwizkid

  • @chancetimberhill thanks man!

Don't you love small minded insignificant people who believe their opinion is most important and should.influence your life. Yet these so called goody too shoes should realise that their emojis, sneaky comments, sad uniformed opinions are irrelevant

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