Don't you love small minded insignificant people who believe their opinion is most important and should.influence your life. Yet these so called goody too shoes should realise that their emojis, sneaky comments, sad uniformed opinions are irrelevant

1 week until #borderklash2019 I may be sore, I may be tired, and I may be hungry. But I'm also determined to bring my best! #npc #npcbikini #bikinicompetitor #girlswholift #fitmom #instafit #mombod #strongnotskinny #teamhobbs

  • What is your favorite arm/ shoulder workouts

  • @kwaring_fit I switch it up alot and hit the muscles from all angles. But I'd have to say my favorite for biceps are cable rope curls. Triceps I love dips and cable bar press downs. Shoulders I love super setting dumb bell presses with lateral raises 🔥🔥🔥

Happy 2nd birthday to our darling Max! What a gorgeous, loving, cheeky and adventurous boy you are. You are blossoming at warp speed into an amazing little man and key member of the Hobbs boys gang. We love you with all our heart xxxx #maxturnstwo #

  • HBD Max! 😘

  • Ohhh Cath what a gorgeous outfit 😍😍 happy birthday max , your just so adorable xx

In the past, all "offseason" meant for me was an opportunity to slack off. But this year we have a goal. Every day counts and can't be wasted if I intend to reach that goal. Making some quality gains and getting excited to see the changes. #7monthso

This week has been a whirlwind! With transitioning to a new position in my company, I'm actually thankful to have the structure of competition prep. All my meals are prepped a head of time, so even when my days are hectic I'm still eating! I'm liftin

  • How much protein do you eat a day?

  • @theleanmachinesd between 150 grams and 200 grams, depending on the day

Trailer Film Spinoff dari Fast & Furious, 'Hobbs & Shaw' udah resmi keluar beberapa hari lalu lho, Boys! Nampaknya aktor kawakan Idris Elba ambil peran sebagai tokoh penting di film ini nih barengan Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson dan Jason Statham. Kalo k

Moving WEIGHT!! OmniCompression Athlete @estrada_fitness ・・・ Your dream has to b bigger than your fear🥇 After months of on and off deadlifts, today is my last day of heavy training. Moving strictly into volume training to finish out my offseason. Go

Nothing like an old school gym to inspire a golden era #flexfriday Out of town and I humbly thank RTP Fitness for letting my partners and I come in and get our workout while we’re away from home Stay Strong You Guys ️️️️️️️️️ #npc #ifbb #uspa #body

  • @chevys_weights_proteinshakes I’ll need to try it out! I love classic gym and ok school machines🔥

  • @estrada_fitness shit this is oooold school bro. Signed pics of arnold and other golden eras working out there when they were in our neck of the woods. And its the same equipment they hand built back then. Same paint and weights and dumbells

Found some old check in photos from show prep a little more than a year ago. I won’t lie, the very first emotion I felt when I found these was “damn, Let me go make some food” lol Having some time off is giving me time to actually anticipate being b

Oh the off season booty gains! I can’t wait to see what my coach @chrismhobbs has in store for me this season! Only a few more weeks till we start to lean out again and prep life becomes full force! Let the fun begin again and show all my hard work b

I remember when I lost my voice. Doctors told me my autoimmune disease had attacked and irreparably damaged my vocal cords. I was never expected to recover. I was heartbroken. When I could not speak above a whisper, and Satan told me I would never ag

16 more days of my bullking season. And by "bulking" I dont mean eating garbage and going off the rails (though I have enjoyed quite a few oreos- not even going to lie). I've been following my macros provided by my QUALIFIED coach and eating a "free"

  • Nice one If you always wanted to develop your page, please check the page in my bio, we can help you!

  • @haideralis83 hahaha I never eat fast food. But after this prep I will indulge in chick fil a!

Just a clip of my daily posing before the gym and before bed everyday until JR USAs 2019.. I never took the time to really master the art and it shows a lot on stage. My physique was not well represented when the posing is not fluid and natural witho

  • Such a lovely page, would you like to try out our wigs?? 😍😍

  • Súper Physique 👌

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my business mentors, is to make friends and learn from those who have what you want in life. Well today I made a new contact because he owns a version of my dream car. Network with those who help you grow, physi

  • @xdirty_danx you know it’s coming man. We’ll be whipping the Mercedes and Maserati’s soon man 🔥

  • Fitness 💪🙌🙌...

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