When people eat while talking to me on the phone ⠀ ⠀ This is one of the current triggers I still can’t find no power over it. I can’t tolerate it and escaping right away. ⠀ ⠀ Negative thoughts about the person⠀ ⠀ Negative thoughts about the action ⠀

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Our organization takes a #trauma informed approached in all of the services we offer to be as effective as possible in our treatment of all individuals who come to us for help. We look at each person as a whole, focusing carefully on what may have ha

I work with some of the most amazing clients! I’m always humbled and privileged. The brave work they do is healing generations. And I love having the therapy tools from neuroscience that can activate the changes they’re seeking. One of my clients



Post Traumatic Growth is my jam. I live it, I learn it and I'm inspired by it. The deep sadness, rage and pain we feel in the wake of loss is the foundation for Post Traumatic Growth. I'll never ask someone to push their emotions deep down into their

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(How to nurture a child's mental health) . . . So many great ideas! It is so important that we begin early with our children discussing emotional health. Putting a name to emotions and allowing them to feel these strong emotions without fear of judge

Wusstest du, dass sich auf deinem Kopf 32 Punkte befinden, die, wenn sie sanft berührt werden, einfach alles auflösen, was dich davon abhält zu empfangen? Diese Punkte enthalten alle Gedanken, Ideen, Überzeugungen, Emotionen und Überlegungen, die du

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An exposé on #trauma According to @camhnews , trauma is the challenging emotional consequences that living through a distressing event can have for an individual. It is the lasting emotional response that often results from living through a distress

This thought came out of pondering those who experienced childhood abuse and neglect, and who have grown into formidable adults, but who still bear the burden of what happened to them when they were young. To consider the idea that “what you need is



Slow down and observe how much life surrounds us. Be curious again to participate in witnessing creation. Being child like will have you lost in so much pleasure. I love ”boredom”. Can you tell me what this is? . . #trauma #posttraumaticgrowth #awa

When the monsters howl through your bones at night, when you daren’t be alone in silence for fear of their whining begging noise, for fear of feeling their claws scrape across your heart; have you ever stopped to think and feel? Have you ever stopp

True power is self love, self compassion, and self actualization. People who abuse power come from a wounded place where power was used against them in childhood. They’ll seek to dominate because the fear of being powerless again controls their beha

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  • @elacikkova the best way to break up negative energy is with calm objective presence. You’ll definitely get worked up internally. This is where breathing is so helpful.

Abandonment fear often stems from traumatic events in someone’s life. When fear of abandonment is severe and frequent, it can be troubling. Therapists can help with abandonment fears and issues. At P&G Clinical Services we offer free therapy to indiv

Mindfulness doesn’t always have to be a destination. People can find a sense of healing and calm while being with animals too. @therapyislife #therapyislife #talktoyourtherapist #yegtherapist #traumahealing #attachment #therapeutic #therapy #mentalhe

  • Follow our page for awareness so that we can build our page and show how real stories can help others. @nomorehurt_ also if you have an inspiring story feel free to dm us, one story can change many lives! 🙏❤️ -nomorehurt team 💫💫

I haven't posted on my page for some time and may not be able to as much as I’d like. The thing is, I have a lesion in the right frontal cortex. Fortunately, I never lost how I create, only how much I can do at any one time.  The problem is that I o

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Burnout is real. Especially if you work in the helping profession. Imagine entering up to 6 or 8 peoples unique realities everyday as a counselor. Or a nurse on shift work caring for patients and dealing with their families. . As a health care profes

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An exposé on #trauma According to @camhnews , trauma is the challenging emotional consequences that living through a distressing event can have for an individual. It is the lasting emotional response that often results from living through a distress

"Das Problem dieser Welt ist, dass jeder immer etwas besseres will, als das was er bereits hat - ohne zu bemerken, dass es wahrscheinlich gar nichts Besseres gibt als das, was man schon hat." Es ist so warm. Heute war nur knuddeln dran, aber das war

#repost @narcaway ・・・ Not worth fighting to keep people in your life who are not fighting to stay there. When they reject you, ignore you, disrespect you, or devalue you, move along without them. Life is too short to waste your time on the unworthy



Instead of always expecting the worst and waiting for something to go wrong I’m learning to focus on just being present in the moment. #repost @dr.thema with @get_repost ・・・ It's draining always expecting the worst. I hope you can see and experience

BELONGING // Addiction not only promotes isolation — but is born in it. We constantly explore the idea that connection is the antidote to addiction. That realizing we are ALL in this big, wild, puzzle TOGETHER, is the root to all healing. You belong.

Sometimes my clients move across the country or the world but I can still work with them. I may not be able to do massage but that’s a small part of their wellness. Movement, breath, coaching are the things that are long lasting and create major ch

Happy #juneteeth FamILY!! The only Independence Day I recognize! If you know, then you know!!!️Swipe️ #africanamericanindependenceday

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What if your anxiety or depression or ___________ is just a symptom of your story? What if your mental illness is just your way of coping with what you experienced? Often when someone tells me they have anxiety, I respond, "of course you do. How coul

Trauma is a lot more common than we would think. PTSD used to be used mainly in association with war veterans or rape survivors but over the years studies have shown that trauma can occur simply from enduring any experience where we felt out of contr



Кинетотерапия – это лечения посредством физических упражнений, лечебного массажа (мышечной коррекции), кинезиотейпинга, специальных средств и методик. Очень эффективно помогает при: 1)Болях в спине (различного характера) 2)Болях в суставах конечносте

Das Leben als Schwamm ist so ein Sache. . . Es ist sehr voll. Sehr laut. Sehr scharf. Es ist ein beständiges Hintergrundrauschen, ein beständiges Bilderflimmern. Es ist ein klarglasklares Wahrnehmen der nichtigsten Dinge. . Ein Scannen, ein Aufnehmen

While incest abuse is now acknowledged and therapists openly treat the victims, there still is no open dialogue about its prevalence. Spread the word, share these posts. One in four are victims. You never know whose life you might touch by being brav

"Wojciech Tochman, z chłodną precyzją i ujmującą wrażliwością, opowiada o ludziach, których odwaga została na zawsze złamana. O bólu, którego nie dało się ukoić. O lęku, który nie odszedł i wciąż sprzyja przemocy. O nieufności, która zabija wspólnotę

How we can all benefit from therapy. Talking helps us make sense of our experiences and externalise it into the world. Once it's out there, a weight is lifted. . Contact us today and make an appointment with me or one of our trained counsellors. .

This is what I do when I struggle to allow myself to have all my feelings. I don't know if you had a book like this in school? I did. It was intended for parent-teacher commmunication. If I needed to leave early my parents would make a note and I wou

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Working in health care is a beautiful venture, however, having worked as a doctor myself, I am well aware of how tough it can be on professionals. The constant pressure and need to excel may lead to burnout and places an incredible amount of stress o



Answer D - ACL injury. This history is highly suggestive of an ACL tear. Give away features of the history include rotational forces on a planted knee, an audible pop and rapid knee swelling. Equally, the examination supports the hypothesis of an ACL

No tratamento terapêutico, o autoconhecimento é estimulado na identificação de falhas contínuas na vida da pessoa. Desse modo, ela fica mais preparada para lidar com ideias negativas e emoções adversas. O autoconhecimento ainda promove o fortalecimen

I Prevail photographed in Berlin, show review is up: || @iprevailband || by @michelleritzmann

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Acesso Venoso Central Complicações 4/5 As principais complicações variam de incidência de acordo com os sítios de inserção e podem ser: infecção (do cateter e de corrente sanguínea secundária ao cateter venoso central, endocardite e/ou tromboflebit

Great Risings ️-----> You don't have to minimize what you have your heart set on, just to make it achievable! We must fight for our dreams like our lives depend on it... BECAUSE IT DOES!!! #dreambig #workharder #keepgoing #domore

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@thelopezeffect - Nadia, I’m sorry your family had to go through this most people don’t realize this has been the norm in our community for years! . You have built @motthallbridges into a pillar in the Brownsville community for our children. I’m alw

  • @thelopezeffect You’re welcome! Bridging the gap is so important for both of us. Your mission in bringing awareness to the school to prison pipeline I support more than you can imagine as I play my part in the mental health field 🙏🏾💯🚀

  • @lcarterny yes we do. I've had the opportunity to live in the areas where it happens and where it doesn't and when I speak about it in the areas where it doesn't happen, they look at me as if I have 3 heads and dismiss it as impossible or there must be a reason why.

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