Yay! New PR on bench! . One rep max: 120 pounds . Sometimes I can get discouraged when I don’t see progress in the mirror but days like today reassure me that my hard work is paying off!

Only two days away! On March 24th come join us for the ultimate Pole Dance Class. Get worked out and feel sexy while doing it! Sexy choreography taught by @movingmisslady. No experience needed! Come out and bring your girls with you. • • #clube #pol

The wait is over. The AFL season is back! Good luck to the @westernbulldogs tonight! We are proud to have the team on board as one of our Ambassadors clubs. Our products fuel them through their workouts and assist them in recovery. Lets show them som

Another late post for my #workoutwednesday a great biceps and back workout with my friend, and of course he gets another pic just at the right time🤦‍️ regardless of the in the moment pics really appreciate all the help️ . Don't blame the norm get out

18+ Просто видос без монтажа, не то что мне его было лень монтировать, а я просто хочу чтоб он поднял вам настроение🤟 Ведь каждую тренировку я провожу именно так (почти) Вот посмотрите хоть, как она проходит🤣 * * * #workout #calistenics #sesh #new #

Here’s a selfie from this morning bc I didn’t do the usual at the gym today and snag ~the selfie~ or even a video of squats. I kinda just wanted to go all out and focus on getting it done for the day. This week has been a bitch and a half to get thro

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To maximize muscle gain it is recommended to increase daily protein intake to 1.8-2.7g per kg of body weight. With that in mind, the question remains.. what should you eat for breakfast to build muscle!? Check out our newest blog post to find out by

  • how about caloric deficit with 1.8-2.7g protein intake per kg of body weight?

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️ WARNING: TRY NOT TO DIE ️ Mr. Woi Hoi is really bad at wording things, but we guess this is his best try and we can't argue with that We'll help him out with this one. Please take ONE scoopsy (not 2, not 3, not 1.5) before you hit the gym to burn

  • @wazzsportsofficial tried it today, excellent pre work out with zero crash.. Will order a tub next week

  • @roryslattery Aaaaaaay! 🤪 Mr. Woi Hoi thankz you for that 🤙🍓

Be sure to pick up your copy’s of our brand new fitness video. Available on pre-order at www.bluskincare.info TODAY!

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We took day 3/21 (leg day) to a whole new meaning with our Workout Wednesday with Grandma and Me. ️️️ When this girl will workout with me. We’ve been doing workouts together (on and off) since she was about 4 months old and I can hardly believe she’l

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Your game is only as good as your mindset Shop our collection at the #linkinbio #loeufpoché

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Legs legs legs, didn’t know what I wanted to do at the gym today and wasn’t feeling training but just had a play around with a few leg exercises instead🤨 I find that these really target my hamstrings and my glutes and are fab after some compound lift

Blue Fit Body Boot Camp Hat . Summer's just around the corner, and what better way to cool off and keep the sun out of your eyes than this awesome Fit Body hat?! . RULES Follow this account @fitbodtbootcampofficial Like this photo Tag 3⃣ friends in t

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Alright peeps. Update time: Height: 5’10” Weight: 184 Random PR’s: 30 wide-grip pull ups (unweighted) 245 pause rep bench, 4 sets of 6 reps. 315 squat 4 sets of 4 reps, beltless, no sleeves My workout buddy and I completely switched up our train

This used to be my nightmare. To walk into somewhere that I have to wait (today it's the mechanic) and see only chairs with arms. To decide whether to declare that I prefer long periods of awkward standing or cram myself into the chair and leave wit

(crappy video but whatever) - this is from the first time I ever pulled 135x3 ; not even gonna try to lie and say that I was in love with these pulls, because I wasn’t. I lead with my ass and no matter how much I tried correcting it, it just wouldn’t


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The Sam Sylk Show is on your NOW From 10am to 3pm On @931wzak Call me 216-578-0931 or 1-888-409-0931 #samsylkshow @samsylk #samsylk #news #rnb #hiphop #sylkskaroake #workoutwednesday #comedian #hottopics #trendingtopics #freetickets #ticketgiveaway

  • Mr. Sylk, 🌟Nostalgia by @MARIAFAULK1🌟 is a song I wrote about Jesus being with us when we are down. He died 4 us ALL!!! Never give up on your dreams.... I hope my sister Maria vocals bring you joy!!

Well done to Elizabeth, our Witness the Fitness-er of the week! She smashed it at our first Nifties session on Tuesday at 10-10.45 am at Humphrey Park Community Centre. Join us next Tuesday - all are welcome. We’ve also got BodyBlitz at 7-7.45pm on

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Well done to Elizabeth, our Witness the Fitness-er of the week! She smashed it at our first Nifties session on Tuesday at 10-10.45 am at Humphrey Park Community Centre. Join us next Tuesday - all are welcome. We’ve also got BodyBlitz at 7-7.45pm on

Body work! @brawlforacause is closing in fast! Can't help but think about all the people that are going to be impacted in a positive way because of how much a few of you and others have given and supported! If you still want to give and help me in fi

  • @1_buck_1 you just need a good beatin' seems like 😂

  • @ahodges_fit why? I didn’t do anything to deserve that😂

FITNESS FRIDAY Here's a sneak peek inside an xTREME class. The class is scary by name only There are three phases to every muscle grouping. This is an example of the LEGS and SHOULDERS Progression Base Build Power Base is stable. Heart rate zone 2

Carousel by @leefitness92 . "Back & Shoulders “If it's important to you, you will find a way. If not, you’ll find an excuse!” Be the one who chose to find a way not the excuse. Always! Did some Back & Shoulders move for you to try on your next workou

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Well done 3, blasting out a relentless cardio session

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Who has ONE pair of dumbbells?! ‍️ Oh you? Then you can do this workout Here’s a killer F•U•L•L B•O•D•Y Workout with just one pair of dumbbells 🥰 SAVE it for later, DOUBLE TAP, & FOLLOW me for daily workouts! love you babes ••••••••••••••••••••••••

They say there is no greater joy in life than being a mother..my babies happen to have paws #catmom #catsofinstagram

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Consistency and control. . Today’s session was Back Squat dominant. On the final rep of each Squat I paused for a moment to challenge technical ability. Weight was between 67.5-72.5% of my 2-rep PB, keeping in check and rebuilding slowly but surely.

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