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@amivitale - Ami Vitale
@natgeo photographer, filmmaker, speaker and explorer. Nikon ambassador. New book: Panda Love:The Secret Lives of Pandas

Photo by @amivitale. Lions that were released and collared in a remote region of a 4,500 square kilometer Zambeze Delta area of Mozambique, feast on an antelope. They were part of an ambitious introduction of 24 lions from South Africa, the largest i

Happy World Humanitarian Day! I'm grateful that there are extraordinary people in the world, like Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim (@hindououmar ) who is a champion for women and indigenous communities. She is fast becoming one of the most visible spokesperson

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts! Myself, a small herd of elephants and their tireless caregivers are overwhelmed with gratitude for your support of the groundbreaking work happening at Reteti and for the hundreds of thousands more people fro

Photo by @amivitale. Happy World Lion Day! After years of civil war in Mozambique, lions were all but lost in the Zambezi Delta region. The ambitious introduction of 24 lions from South Africa in 2018 was the largest international translocation ever

Photo by @amivitale. An adult elephant raises his trunk at Namunyak Wildlife Conservancy in Kenya. The conservancy is home Kenya’s second largest population of elephants, a population has grown by 12% since 2012 while poaching has fallen. Namunyak is

Photo by @amivitale. Elephants' trunks are a magnificent, multipurpose tool. Their trunks are comprised of over 44,000 muscles and used for eating, drinking, as snorkels and for reassuring other elephants. These sentient giants are nature’s greatest

Photo by @amivitale. A herd of wild elephants travel through the shrubby lands of Namunyak Wildlife Conservancy in northern Kenya. This place used to be dangerous with warring tribes and the landscape was very different. Elephants had been all but el

Photo by @amivitale. Happy World Ranger Day! Let's celebrate these amazing heroes! Among them is Achian, pictured here with Tipper the tracking dog. Achian's dedication and hard work remain unparalleled. For 13 years, he has protected hundreds of end

Photo by @amivitale. A wild elephant browses at the Namunyak Wildlife Conservancy in northern Kenya. These sentient giants are nature’s greatest engineers. By eating the trees and brush, they keep the land open and grassy. Without them, other wildlif

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