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Alongside the nature of consciousness, human sensory limitation has been one of my favorite topics of consideration this summer. The more I have delved into each of these topics, the more aware I have become that they are inseparable and belong in t

Are we alone!? There is an apparent incompatibility between the high probability estimates for the existence of life outside Earth and the absence of evidence for it. This contradiction is known in astronomy as the “Fermi paradox”, and follows the l

Water on water on water. Of the many things that we humans take for granted, it is my humble opinion that none are as underappreciated as water. It goes without saying that the very existence of carbon-based life hinges on the ubiquitous presence o

Are you impressed or depressed by the minuscule amount of cosmic space that we occupy? Or perhaps it evokes other feelings? I have reformulated my own approach to this question and am actively developing a new perspective. In the past, I have mainta

If you are reading this, it is highly likely that you had access to (at least) a free and formal education. It is also highly likely that you did absolutely nothing to deserve it. Your being born into the specific place and time you did was entirely

My interest in the illusion of self has been reignited. This illusion is best understood through a discussion of what it “feels like” to be a human. That is, we spend a majority of our lives feeling that we are looking out at the world, as if we exis

“What guarantee is there that the five senses, taken together, do cover the whole of possible experience?” —Idris Parry, 1965. This is a question that I have been pondering extensively over the past few months, and I think it is an excellent one. The

What a time to be alive, my friends! We are fortunate to be living through the inflection point of an exponential change in society and technology. However, with great change comes great challenge. The rapid technological advances that have occurre

We, Homo sapiens, do not fill our overly-fortunate cosmic position in a humble fashion. ### I have always been fascinated by the biological and ecological sciences, I think largely because of their grandeur and complexity. Similar to Earth’s towerin

Why is time influenced by gravity? Oh Sh%*, here we go again! The relationship between gravity and time is a difficult one to grasp. However, once you get the basic idea it is one of the most amazing and thought-provoking relationships in the univer

Do scientific pursuits necessarily converge on absolute truth? Possibly not. So dramatically limited by our linguistic, intellectual, and imaginative capabilities, maybe we are operating under an illusion that our scientific efforts are getting us

Is it possible that we are trying too hard as humans to orient ourselves in the cosmos? We are constantly simplifying, categorizing, and separating nature into parts that it itself does not recognize. Many lives are spent arranging long-term goals

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