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~ Personal account @fedzampo Italian clear & cloud slime queen obsessed with holographic✨ High Quality Home Made Slimes SHOP MY COLLECTION:

please excuse the background noise, my roommates were pretty active Tell me, which videos would you like ti see more on my page? More glitter videos rather than slime? The opposite? Both? More slime glitter mixing? Let me know in the comments!🥰 Perso

here's another Debussy glitter drop Finish this sentence with predictive text: I just woke up and _____! Personal account @fedzampo SHOP IS RESTOCKED, link in bio - eccovi un'altro Debussy glitter drop Finite la frase con la tastiera intuitiva: Mi

Honey Boba my iconic bb🥰 Let's play a game, you're out if: - you have a grey shirt on - you're sitting on the couch - you're about to do some shopping Are you in or out? Personal account @fedzampo SHOP IS RESTOCKED, link in bio! - Honey Boba🥰 Faccia

I'm in love with Clair De Lune, this music makes me feel an emotion that I don't think exists, this music is art Persona account @fedzampo SHOP IS RESTOCKED, all orders in the next 48h will receive a free 4oz slime, link in bio - Adoro Clair De Lune



Welcome to my 100k celebration giveaway! This giveaway is international and 100% free of charge! There will be 5 lucky winners: • The first 3 winners will receive three 8oz slimes and an extra 4oz, two packets of holographic glitter and a bag of char

100k... ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND people liking and supporting me and my content, I can't believe all the love I received and am receiving from you guys, I don't know what I did to deserve all of this support, all of your kind messages, comments, emails,

Lavender Holo Glosslavender scented! If you could go on a holiday for free, where would you go? I would go to the Bahamas Personal account @fedzampo - Lavender Holo Gloss al profumo di lavanda! Hai la possibilità di andare in vacanza gratuitamente,

Shine bright like a diamond Personal account @fedzampo - Your battery percentage represents how great your summer is going to be on a scale of 1 to 100 - La percentuale della tua batteria indica quanto sarà bella la tua estate su una scala da 1 a 10



How old are you? I'm 17 years old🥵 Today has been a great day for me, had lots of fun and managed to train even if my leg is still recovering🥰 Persona account @fedzampo - Quanti anni avete? Io ho 17 anni🥵 Oggi è stata una bella giornata, mi sono div

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