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@geosteinmetz - George Steinmetz
Photographer for National Geographic and NY Times Magazine, creating an aerial perspective on climate change and global food supply @feedtheplanet

Sand gazelles still run free on the edge of the Empty Quarter in Abu Dhabi. Once severely over hunted, they were re-established here some thirty years ago with the help of food and water stations. Security concerns have led to border fences between

The terraced rice fields of Yuanyang in China are the world's largest, covering over 3,000 ft, of vertical terrain that is still worked with water buffalo by the local Hani minority group. The area was designated a World Heritage site by the UNESCO,

Chinstrap penguins leave a pink trail of poo as they return to their nests on the high ground of Deception Island, Antarctica. Males and females take turns incubating their chicks and make a daily commute down to the sea for feeding. A recent censu



Otherworldly landscape of Iran’s Makran Coast on the Gulf of Oman, between Chabahar and the Pakistani frontier. I feel lucky to have flown my motorized paraglider there in 2003. I was detained many times for suspicion of spying, but always served t

Thousands of people will converge on Xuyi County this week for the annual crayfish eating festival in Jiangsu, China. With rapidly expanding incomes, Chinese consumers are demanding increasing amounts of protein in their diet. China is the world's l

The Brush Park area of Detroit as seen in 2013, when only a few mansions remained amidst the vacant lots. It was once among of the most desirable neighborhoods in #detroit . The severity of urban decay here has been hard to reverse, but things are sta



Artisanal fishing boats offload their catch of sardines and mackerel through the surf and pile it up on on the beach of Kayar, Sengal. Fish are the primary source of protein in Senegal, and intensive fishing pressure by both artisanal and industrial

Tourists get paddled through the canals of Xinghua, China during the annual blossoming of rapeseed flowers. The canals that were excavated during the Song Dynasty, some 750 years ago, and now attract busloads of urban tourists to enjoy the bucolic vi

Harvesting wheat on China’s Loess Plateau is still a family affair. The fine silty soil was deposited by desert winds over thousands of years, and then carved into terraces for agriculture. Farming here is increasingly difficult as children migrate

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