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A day old harp seal pup seeks shelter from the relentless winds while it waits for its mother to return to nurse. Harp seal pups are born on the sea ice in Gulf of St Lawrence in late February. The newborns are yellowish in color and you can see thei

March 2019: The last warm sunlight fades across a harp seal pup called a white coat seeking shelter from the relentless wind scouring the sea ice in the Gulf of St Lawrence bear Magdalen Island. Harp seals are born on the sea ice in late February an

That's a "wrap". A month + of #coralstatussciencesolutions with @natgeo and descending into the effects of climate change on the Great Barrier Reef and unexpectedly learning about the Spectacled Flying fox, a megabat also known as spectacled fruit

  • @cassliveshere maybe this is why you haven't seen bats lately

@daviddoubilet swims through a welcome blizzard of coral spawn creating a galaxy of coral eggs and sperm rising to the surface from a healthy and robust Moore Reef on Great Barrier Reef. Some of this spawn was guided by floating booms into a spawn ca

Dusk descends through a billowing sea at Vasloff Cay on the Great Barrier Reef. Twilight is my favorite time of day in the sea because the light softens and takes on the shade of the setting sun and then fades to many shades of blue then black. // On

Last day to get a print from the National Geographic Image Collection’s Flash Sale to support science and storytelling! The sale ends at 11:59pm, go check it out! Link in bio

I am happy to share this opportunity to purchase historic paired prints by my colleagues at National Geographic. Have a look at a few of the pairings like these ones by David Doubilet and J. Baylor Roberts, B. Anthony Stewart and Cory Richards, or Ca

Happy to say that @daviddoubilet was selected to participate in National Geographic Image Collections Flash Sale. Over the next few days you can purchase one of his print that’s been paired with an original J Baylor Roberts photo. The link to it is

A gull tears at the flesh of a freshly decapitated head of a narwhal in the shallows off an active Inuit hunting camp in Western Greenland. The narwhal is often called the unicorn of the sea because of its long tusk that is actually a protruding can

A whale shark detects and carefully avoids a sargassum weed line forming near Isla Mujeres Mexico. Dozens of whale sharks come to Isla Mujeres in mid to late summer to feed on planktonic spawn. The plankton, sharks and weed congregate along current

Portrait of a breeding pair of king penguins from a colony located at St Andrews Bay, South Georgia. The colony is home to +\- 100,000 birds. The pair is monogamous for a single breeding cycle but they may choose a different mate in different years.

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