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Guess who is visiting Prague for the first time next week?! Your girl over here ‍️ Where should I go while Im there?! I’m so humbled to be nominated for the Inspiration & Influence award @socialawards. Not sure how I ended up here again, but I am bey

  • Ride that thang lol ☺️🤪

  • Aww that’s amazing! Well deserve it fitness queen😍 #Inspiration

STAIRMASTER SWEAT ! If you’re feeling like you need a good sweat, try this challenge out! I love switching up my workouts and incorporating new moves. Complete 2-3 rounds (1 circuit full-out, 1 minute active rest) 1️⃣ Side steps (30 seconds each sid

  • I want a personalized stair master 😍 how cool

  • A personalized stair master!! 😍🙌🏼 Goalsss

HAPPY SUNDAY LOVES! I’m heading to MEXICO CITY next weekend!!! On May 25th, I’ll be going to the @poweradereach Festival! I can’t wait to train all of you Comment below if you are planning on coming - I am SO excited to meet you all!

  • You’re amazing😍 keep up the good energy xx enjoy Mexico 🇲🇽

  • Whoop whoop so fun! Get it gf



LIKE AND SAVE THIS WORKOUT FOR LATER Here are five moves you can do with just a set of dumbbells and a workout bench! MOVE 1: weighted bulgarian split lunge MOVE 2: weighted step ups MOVE 3: weighted step up and curl MOVE 4: jump overs MOVE 5: elev

NEW YOUTUBE VIDEO - ANSWERING YOUR MOST ASKED QUESTIONS AND GETTING REAL WITH YOU GUYS. “How did you get to where you are today?” “How did you grow a following on instagram?” “How old were you when you started working out?” “ Is your butt real?” Thro



Happy Mother’s Day to the woman who does it all @mamaselter. You are such a source of entertainment and light and bring so much joy into my life. Your guidance and support have helped shape me into the woman I have become and I cannot thank you enoug

  • Happy mother’s day @mamaselter #TopBeautifulFamily 😍❤️

  • Ah love! And what a beautiful momma!

STOP SCROLLING!!! YA GIRL JUST POSTED A NEW YOUTUBE VIDEO ( LINK IN BIO) Got 6 Minutes? Head to my NEW youtube page and try this dumbbell workout out! GOT 12 MINUTES - DO IT TWICE! GOT 18 MINUTES? DO IT 3 TIMES! Complete this 24 minute circuit by do

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