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How can anyone stay indoors, when they have these views out there to explore? Italy is incredible for them and surprisingly not too crowded. How is that possible? Don’t ask. Just enjoy it. Don’t kick a gift horse in the mouth.

Road trips that take you across so many beautiful places can be one of the best opportunities you can have. No matter how much researching you do, there’s still so much to see that you don’t plan for. It’s been a fun ride so far. Can’t wait to see ho

If you were lucky enough to be the first to reach Tre Cime camping area high above, you would snag this popular spot. 5 star views and a cave all to yourself. Sun peaking over the sides of the mountain to perfectly light up Tre Cime in all her glory

Therapeutic. For so many reasons. Breathe it in. Soak up those moments. Then bottle it up and take it home. An incredible sunset from a couple weeks ago in the beautiful Virginia hills with some amazing friends I’m so thankful to have.

Worth hiking in miles just for that sunset view and dinner spot? I think so. Never question yourself on deciding to spend the extra hours or days at the Dolomites. Incredible trails and views that never end.

Imagine the smell of the ocean and cold breeze blowing in your face. The mountains surrounding you and the sound of waves crashing. The cozy fire you have planned to warm up next to with great food to cook over it and delicious wine and whiskey to dr

Making the most of everyday to get out and see it all as much as you can. Stormy days that turn into incredible morning clouds that light up for that sunrise is an amazing day in my book.

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We couldn’t make it to the iconic Mint Hut, so we set up camp here and spent an amazing afternoon taking in that reflection and drinking delicious wine. Can’t complain! Hopefully we’ll tackle the Mint Hut next time and make it. Can you spot my tiny f

Wishing I could snap my fingers and take me to this place for the weekend. Thoroughly excited it’s Friday tomorrow and counting down the days till I can get out hiking. Thinking of how many trails I can hike this summer. 🤔

The perfect first night of our hiking trip was with this view. The Denali mountain range and a sunset that lasted throughout the night and into the morning with the summer solstice. Beautiful colors that never ended. Made for a long night of little s

Alaska checked off a couple bucket list items for me. One of which was my first ice cave! Tucked under a mountain of snow, you weren’t expecting a tiny entry to lead to winding tunnels with this view. Those patterns and colors were incredible to see

Morning breakfast was more important than the humans on the bank gawking over this big guy. We watched him for quite awhile, as he slowly munched away on the greens growing under the water. With Denali mountain in the background, it was quite the pic

Our country has some of the most beautiful and diverse lands. Deserts, mountains, beaches, glaciers, and so much more. Sunsets like these are why I spend all my free time and vaca hours hiking. Get out there and appreciate those views. I promise you

I’ll never get tired of seeing these rolling layers. This sunset was spent with a few friends. Sitting on the bed of a truck. Drinking some craft beer and soaking in those beautiful views. One of my favorite spots to stop at just to take it all in. M

Kayaking through some glacier chunks is quite the COOL experience. Just need to add in those Humpbacks migrating. The landscapes and wildlife in Alaska are insane. At least for those summer months. Those winters though...aka White Walker temps. 🥶

Slivers of those warm sun rays peaking through the clouds for a sunset I am currently daydreaming about right now. Moments like these are what make working your butt off to save for those trips all worth it. Eating in instead of out. Watching class

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