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Sharing my cosplay adventures! Las Vegas⭐️Perfusionist ⭐️27 Next Vegas Event ➡️ Sept 2019 TBA Next Con ➡️ Fanime

Going to SD this weekend! It will be my first getaway weekend for the year! ️ Work has been superrr busy! So ready to just relax and have fun with all the cute bbs in SD! . Thank you to the wonderful @sddivideo for the photos! . #cosplay #granblue

2018 Cosplay Projects 🧵 . This year was a busy cosplay year for me! I did 16 cosplays with 2/3 of them being actually made by me. I also made a handful of cosplays for friends. . I’m enjoying cosplay less and less every year most likely cuz I’m proba

2018 Cosplay Events + Photography . In the beginning of this year, I started hosted local cosplay events for fun. I’m ending the year with a total of 6 events successfully completed. I’m thankful to everyone that came to the events and the people th

Who wants me to sit on them? . Everyone posting winter/holiday photos, and I’m posting summer photos instead because I hate the cold. 🥶 . Thank you @bahamutnight for taking photos of meee! ️ I spent most of our shoot derping around lolol . Prinny s

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