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A podcast where @patrickmiguel discusses your favorite made for TV movies. Whether you love to hate watch, or hate yourself for loving them. Join us!

NEW PODCAST EPISODE S4 E9 - Mommy Group Murder (Lifetime Movie) Listen Here: #linkinbio Mo Watson (Patrick's friend) joins Patrick Serrano to discuss Lifetime's  Mommy Group Murder (Starring: Leah Pipe

NEW PODCAST EPISODE S4 E8 - Best Little Girl in the World (Eating Disorder Series) Listen Here: #linkinbio We begin our first episode in our seven part Eating Disorder TV Movie Series. (Airing bi-weekl

This week on the podcast we begin our bi-weekly series discussing the problematic TV movies of the 80’s & 90’s based on women with eating disorders. At the time they were educating Americans about a new epidemic. (While simultaneously serving as how

Recording a very special series with Rebekah (@freser_ ) We will be covering seven TV movies focusing on eating disorders and the problematic tropes of the genre. (Episodes will be release bi-weekly, alternating with our normal cheerleader/stalker L

We made an oopsie and uploaded the wrong audio! It is fixed now, re-download or stream for the David Bush Interview.

NEW PODCAST EPISODE S4 E7- Olivia Newton-John: Hopelessly Devoted to You (Lifetime Movie) Listen Here: #linkinbio Megan Powell (Writer, Actor, former Chicago Theater critic.) joins Patrick Serrano to d

This week on the podcast we will be covering... Olivia Newton-John: Hopelessly Devoted to you. What did you think of the biopic? . . . . . . . #olivianewtonjohn #grease #physical #xanadu #singing #singer #musicvideo #biopic #movie #lifetime #actress

  • This got so much advertising here in Aus - like every ad break was telling us all to tune in to an AMAZING biopic it was insane. It’s such lifetime cheese! I wonder if the ads we had here for it are on YouTube?

  • @horrorgolightly I need to see these!!!

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