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kinda wanna workout, kinda wanna eat a taco.🌮 san antonio, tx ❣️ @dulcesboutique_ -> “Michaela”🦋 ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

top from @ootdfash finally after a whole year of having it, I feel comfortable enough to actually wear it. & to whoever needs to hear this, keep going. Especially when you feel “comfortable”. It doesn’t ever stop there!! You got this. . . . . . . o

friday mood because... 1. I woke up today, duh. & my God loves me. 2. no it’s not my birthday, it’s my step sisters. (she killed it w/ these pics). But mine is 5 more months to the day. 3. I have gained a great amount of confidence, and love for my

LONG POST real quick just wanna drop some words for whoever needs them. Life lately has been throwing me bombs left and right. Literally can’t even count. but instead of reacting to these things out of hurt, hate, or anger, I just said “let it go”.

good brows & a classic red lip.️ don’t worry, for those who’ve been asking, I’ll be going live sometime soon so I can do a GRWM. I just feel like I’m always rushed. Lol so please comment if you would watch! The more I get the faster I’ll do it, caus

“Look at you. Boy, I invented you. Gucci tennis shoes, running from your issues.” Honeymoon Tour ️ Dangerous Woman Tour ️ Sweetener/TUN Tour ️ @arianagrande you did the damn thing again. _____________________________________________________________

Because Selena reminds me everyday that it’s okay to eat a whole medium pizza by yourself. ️ What’s your fav Selena quote? Lol ———————————————————— Crop sweater: @agaci_store Crossbody Bag: Peruzzi Firenze ———————————————————— #domisgettingtheangles

Hope everyone is having a fabu-LASH monday.️ . . . I’ve been wanting to share a makeup post for so long now, but always critiqued how it would come out every single time. Either my eyes were too small or my lashes were too short, or my lips not bein

REPOST Second session with Fab, and it’s finally done️ #repost @fabbhairr_ with @get_repost ・・・ S U M M E R R E A D Y ‍️ Guys can we talk about @mcalderas transformation . Wish I had before pictures ; but basically she had black hair all over ( FIR

I said my Lipstick was my outfit last night. That’s how much I loved it.

I haven’t had a chance to post or thank everybody personally who went out of their way to send wishes and blessings my way yesterday, so thank y’all all I much. I had mixed emotions about this day, and It couldn’t have come any faster. From the begin

Let’s state three facts when turning 25. 1. You’re actually an adult. 2. You’re halfway to 50. 3. You still have a long ways to go. And if I know you well, and I think I do, you’d be saying you’ve blessed the world with your presence for 25 years. L

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