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Climate change is starting to get pretty scary, and we’re passed the point of no return. CO2 levels are expected to rise so much in the coming years, that the global temperature will increase by a rate of 1.5°C. It’s too late to reduce that number. Y

Elon Musk recently stated via twitter that he wanted to nuke Mars, in an attempt to quickly warm the planet and give it a thicker atmosphere. What are your thoughts on this? Image Credit: @europeanspaceagency . Check us out (@meteoramedia ️) to lear

Look at our beautiful planet! We really take it for granted. If you have the opportunity, please travel the world and see some historic landmarks before they’re gone forever. The world is constantly changing, and what exists today may not exist a fe

Since Interstellar was all the buzz yesterday, it begs the question. What’s your favourite Sci-Fi film? Leave a comment below and I’ll tally up the top 5 films and post the results in my story! Check us out (@meteoramedia ️) to learn more about our

What would happen, hypothetically, if a black hole appeared out of nowhere next to Earth? The same gravitational effects that produced spaghettification would start to take effect here. The edge of the Earth closest to the black hole would feel a muc

This digital black hole art catches my attention every time I see it. Honestly, forget the caption — just let your imagination run wild with this one. Credit: Unknown. Check us out (@meteoramedia ️) to learn more about our movement! #space #science

Do you think humanity will ever get to a point like this? A point where we can build futuristic space ships like the one shown above, and explore exo planets all over the galaxy? I think we can, as long as we get our priorities straight. What about y

This is a photograph of Bruce McCandless on his untethered spacewalk outside of the Space Shuttle! An untethered Space walk means that the astronaut on EVA is not attached to the space station or shuttle in any way. This is dangerous (for obvious rea

What you’re seeing is a beautiful photograph of Venus transiting the Sun over the Black Sea. While technically an eclipse, it isn’t our Moon, therefore it’s categorized as a transit. This looks surreal, the Solar system is jaw dropping! Credit: @bos

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