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@mirandanolten - Miranda Cosplay

Wig maker. Located in Portland, OR. She/Her. Wig Instagram: @sundropwigs —> Wig shop link down below ✨🎨🌲🧵🌻🌸✨

First ice cream of 2019 Spring sunshine has hit Oregon and I’m happy about it what’s your fav flavor? I’m all about honey lavender or brown sugar honey brittle. Basically just honey. gimme all of it.

Behind the scenes of wig styling: research prep! Whenever I take on a new commission I always look up the character and figure out what makes them unique! One of my main goals as a wig maker is bringing a personality to life ️ @sundropwigs

Oh, hey! Wait a minute... that’s me!! I commissioned this piece from @scarlixcosplay for my icon!! I’m so happy with it!!! Definitely go check her out for cosplay goodness or digital art commissions!

Little Queen 🥀️ SWIPE for artwork by Anna Gladkovska found on artstation! photo by @tatetheartist edited by me! I’m SO EXCITED for Game of Thrones to come back! Sad my girl Margaery won’t be there but she’s still my #1 ! who’s your fav character?!

I GOT MY FIRST TATTOO TODAY!! Two Douglas Fir babies I wanted something representing where I grew up (they’re Oregon’s state tree)!! ️ I was always worried about getting tattooed because of cosplay. I’m really happy I’m starting to think for myself

More great photos coming in from ECCC! Taken by @me.greedy edited by me! I love how this pic really showcases the brown streak in my wig (some people thought it was real hair sticking out. Nope - just really into Tangled... gotta get all those small

Just got out of a tower, NBD... About to see the floating lights (everyday business). Super casual. ️ long haired punzie owns my heart. Thx @tatetheartist for always taking my pics!!

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