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Photo by @daisygilardini | Magellanic penguins from South America are closely related to the African, the Humboldt and the Galapagos penguins. The all four species are in fact known as banded penguins and also jackass penguins. This funny name come

Kingdom of the White Wolf // A new three-part special event premieres Sunday, August 25, from 8-11pm ET on Nat Geo WILD National Geographic explorer and photographer Ronan Donovan @ronan_donovan travels to the High Arctic, to a landscape uninhabited

Video by @alexbraczkowski and @luke_ochse Leon, a young 3 year-old lion peers out from the branches of an African caper bush. With few large trees available in their territory, lions in Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda will look for shade anywh

Photos by @cristinamittermeier // When I was diving in the Galapagos, surrounded by a healthy ecosystem full of sharks, sea turtles and fish, I couldn’t help but feel disheartened by the fact that we humans kill more than 11,000 sharks every single h

Video @filipe_deandrade // Sea Turtle nesting season is picking up in Costa Rica. On around 10 beaches world wide, Sea Turtles come together by the tens of thousands in a synchronized nesting event known as the "Arribada." Costa Rica is home to two o

@sandesh_kadur & @robin_darius capture an intimate shot of the widest ranging canid in the world - the Red Fox 🦊. This incredible animal is also one of the most widely distributed Carnivore in the world. It’s also the largest amongst the True foxes a

Photo @jasonedwardsng It is a mistake to underestimate the power and speed of Elephants. Given their size this may sound obvious, however nearly everyone I know who has worked with these amazing animals will have a wide-eyed story to tell around a ca

Photo by @daisygilardini | King penguins commute every morning from the colony to the beach, like diligent workers commuting to work in the big cities. They then jump into the sea to fish for the day. I was fortunate to spend a full week in the Falkl

Video by Ronan Donovan @ronan_donovan // sound on What does a young wolf do when he and his sister are separated from their pack? They howl, and howl, and repeat until they get a reply. I named this yearling male wolf Gray Mane and his sister Slende

by @agoetzfilm Yellowstone is a pretty epic scene in early spring. The snow is melting, the air still has a cold bite to it. Watching these bison calves trying to cross this freezing, deep river had me a bit antsy, wondering what I might end up fil

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