If you have a body, you are an athlete. #justdoit

"Talent is not enough, it's important to be determined and disciplined." ⠀ German midfielder Sara Däbritz always knew she was going to turn her childhood dream of becoming a professional footballer into a reality. So now it’s time for a new dream: th

“If you look around the tennis world, all of the players are much taller than me. But I don’t feel small.” @simonahalep ⠀ As a child, when Simona Halep told the world that she wanted to be the next great tennis player, they laughed at her. They said

“There was a time where my Mom was using a kettle to warm up water so we could have showers.” @jasondayofficial ⠀ You don’t have to have much to have a dream. ⠀ When Jason Day was a kid, he didn’t have a bag full of fancy clubs. He didn’t have a coun

This is what it looks like to be one of the world’s best tuberiders. #justdoit

  • Man! Every post on this channel is amazing 🙏 thanks for the insider view, never surfed so this was awesome 🙂🙂

  • @vaibhavirmani it may be time to start. 🌊



“No one can ever say you can’t do something. If I fail, I’ll see that for myself. But let me try, let me fly, and I’ll find out.” ⠀ Ever since he was a kid, @alexroca91 ’s Crazy Dream was always there. At first, doctors said he was crazy to even walk.

“Most people think that there is a limit, but there is always more.” @gomofarah ⠀ For most people, this isn’t what retirement looks like. Most people relax. They spend less time on the road and more time at home. Most people slow down. ⠀ Obviously, M



“It is great to see the trend of women coming to the marathon, taking on the challenge and really growing with it.” - @paula_radcliffe ⠀ Tomorrow, 60,000 runners will line up in Paris. That’s 60,000 runners who’ve committed weekends, early mornings,

“The most important thing for me is to do everything from the heart.” ⠀ Evgenia Medvedeva’s crazy dream isn’t to win a world championship. She’s done that, twice. It isn’t to make it to the Olympics. She’s brought home two medals. It isn’t even to br

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