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Carry On is out now!

Swipe up in story to read my @forbes exclusive!! ️️ I’m sooooo excited I’ve been working on this, one of my many new babies for nearly a year now!! I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with amazing brands and each time I learn something new about

Im still thinking about a few weeks ago visiting my hometown Kosovo and witnessing first hand how incredible @unicef_uk have been in supporting the children of our future. Giving them hope and belief and even someone who checks in their children’s he

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Swipe left to hear a sneak peek of️CARRY ON️ @kygomusic So awesome to have met you properly and share the main stage with you at coachella last year to now having the new movie soundtrack to @detectivepikachumovie !! Were the only song on the whole sc

  • Likewise🙏🏼 can’t wait to finally release this song!

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Spending time back in my home town Kosovo where I’m FROM with @unicef_uk for @socceraid has been so rewarding. Seeing how Unicef programmes positively impact the health and development of young children drives home how important it is for us all to k

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