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@senialopez - Senia Lopez
Philadelphian. Artist. Fangirl. Hopeful. 😎

It is a day later but, I'm still so upset that my favorite show has been cancelled. I don't have a twitter following at all so I'm continuing my rant here. #saveodaat The next step is the fight to bring @odaatnetflix to another network. Tweet your su

It is the baby's birthday today (she is technically no longer a baby)! Here are some photos I took of Van Gogh before the incident where she got out. I'm so happy to have her back & to wake up next to silly face again.

The love of my life Thanks for the memories. Forever my boy Blue.

The baby Van Gogh is home. She is very tired & hurt her paw pads pretty badly. She is still as sweet and cute as ever though! My big buddy Blue has a vet appointment for blood work today 🀞. He is walking on his own, with a gangsta lean, but he is doi

When I first made my Instagram I posted a series of photos of Blue staring at me while I ate doughnuts. He still does it.

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