Spam She is beauty, she is grace, she punched Draco in the face #saveodaat lex malla lex nulla "Cheyanne, be a lesbian, Boys are stupid" -Hayden

Me since no one has picked up @odaatnetflix yet. But to save my followers from constant posting i made a twitter to constantly post about the show on. So if you would like to follow me on twitter its Odaatsylena. But like yeah this is my favorite sh

THE FUCK @netflix this is literally one of the most inspirational, diverse shows I've ever watched, It's messages are soooooo important and you don't see messages like them anywhere else Im not crying in marine science you are #odaat #onedayatatime

If you want to watch a hella good show, go watch One Day At A Time on @netflix Its legit my favroite show. It's so funny but also has really serious topics and sometimes makes you want to Cuban clap someone (if you get that you can be my best friend)

Bea Miller is freaking 20!! I've been listening to her since she was like 16, It's crazy watching her grow up to be such an awesome person that makes the best music. Happy Birthday Bea!!!! #beamiller

Screams BRUH in a good way on the top my lungs Spolier Free review ⬇ Yo I think this is the best book in The Dark Artifices. I love the inclusion of older characters, plus all the Helen and Aline content is beautiful and made me smile uncontrollabl

So uh this bitch is 23 today, 23 years old!!! Idk how this can be the same guy who dyed his hair every month and posted weird filtered selfies (even tho i miss that) hes grown up so much its so amazing to see. But other then making us all feel old I

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