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Where style meets culture. #twomensissue is out on newsstands inside the @nytimes August 18.

#summer brings with it a certain set of rites and rituals — and everyone’s are personal and unique. In an ode to the season, we invited writers to share their own. Here, Chia-Chia Lin (@slippie ) describes the fruit blitz her family experiences every

South of the #kyoto Imperial Palace, which has been rebuilt eight times (most recently in 1855), the streets are lined with machiya, or narrow wooden townhouses that date as far back as Japan’s Heian period (794-1185). Once home to artisans and merch

What makes the designer @jonathan.anderson 's work transcendent is that it forces us to slow down; indeed, it gives us little choice. Esoteric yet primordial, the best of his creations are not instantly appealing nor easily likable; Anderson will neve

@jonathan.anderson ’s designs for both @loewe and his own brand, @jw_anderson , have made him one of the most exciting talents working today. Click the link in our bio for more on the man turning European fashion into something raw and real. Assa Barad

Long associated with European cities, #brutalism has plenty of history in other parts of the world, too. In #brazil , Brutalism reached an unexpected apotheosis: Infiltrated by lush plants and softened by humidity, buildings that looked cold and impos

#myfavoriteartwork : The multimedia artist #arthurjafa discusses a video that he found on YouTube — a 1992 gospel performance by the Thomas Whitfield Company. In 2016, Jafa used this clip in his film “Love Is the Message, the Message Is Death,” compos

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