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Self-proclaimed nerd, singer and film enthusiast. Check out my blog, @filmassessment !

My final day at Star Wars Celebration was bittersweet, but unexpectedly not my last day in Chicago as heavy snow lead to a flight cancellation. I’d first and foremost like to showcase this beautiful mural prominently displayed in the convention cente

Today I returned the Skywalker saber to its original owner, Anakin Skywalker himself, Hayden Christensen. Also met Erin Kellyman (Enfys Nest), sat in on the Galaxy’s Edge panel to learn about Disney’s upcoming Star Wars park where attendees received

I had an INSANE second day at Star Wars Celebration. Apologies for the long caption, but the explanations are worth it! The Force must have been with me because, by some miracle, I met J.J. Abrams (The Director of ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ and ‘

Nothing better to get the Force flowing before Star Wars Celebration than seeing ‘Star Wars: A New Hope’ accompanied by the Houston Symphony!! Of course, it’s always a joy to hear a John Williams score performed live by a full orchestra!! #starwars #

Just like that, 2018 has come and gone! I learned a lot and made plenty of long-lasting memories, both good and bad. I personally feel it’s worthwhile to annually reassess one’s self and see where you can feasibly improve. I’m hoping 2019 David makes

Even though I’m low-key still heartbroken over the ‘La La Land’/‘Moonlight’ Best Picture mix-up from a few years back, it was an awesome experience getting to meet Barry Jenkins tonight at a screening of ‘If Beale Street Could Talk’. Not every day yo

I’ve dreaded the arrival of this news for a while now... The legendary Stan Lee responsible for creating many of Marvel’s most iconic characters and quite a few of my favorite fictional characters has passed... However, I rejoice knowing his legacy l

Always great to have you home so we can all spend quality time together and recreate our iconic pose. #mad

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to buy ‘Mission: Impossible - Fallout’ once it’s available on digital November 20th or Blu-Ray December 4th. This post will now self-destruct in five seconds.

Please allow me to be the first brother of importance to wish you a Happy Birthday Hanna! Keep on smiling and stay lovely sista!

Spent the brunt of my Saturday at Fandemic Tour adding some new signatures to my ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2’ and ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ posters. I also got a selfie with Chris Sullivan because that was apparently included with my online purcha

I’m not really sure if Hanna or Maryellen told you HBD yet, so in order to maintain my online credibility I’ll just say please allow me to be the first brother of importance to wish you a Happy fourteenth Birthday Emma!! Love ya sis and I hope your d

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